Your Realtor Partner​

Your Realtor Partner

Been in real estate since 2005, every day is a learning for me. Throughout the years, I have progressively transformed myself, from Sales Person to a Partner of my client.

In any trade, the start is never easy. It goes the same for real estate. I have gone through ups and downs, facing different business partner, be it buyer, seller, landlord, and/or tenant, each have their different needs and difficulties.

I managed to overcome all those and resolve them accordingly. Through my domain knowledge, help from the team, and/or the agency I engaged with. All these knowledge and experiences have brought me to who I am today – to deliver the best to my partners


Why Lewis?

The question is, why NOT me? My belief is, partnership moves miles ahead and the customer ends after the deal is over.

the 3 key principle in the trade

Over the years, I stay with 3 key principle


Investing in property is not like buying a toy or bag. Investment costs you a 6, if not 7 figures sum of money. I will need to be committed to you, to ensure you get a fair deal in every transaction


I believe, communicating with our partners is key. I share both the good and the bad, as being a partnership, I believe is openness and transparency


I am being supported by a strong administration backend team and digital platform. This provides me a holistic support to all my partners, be it sellers, landlords or tenants