Penrose Launch Property Review

Project Review – Penrose

Have you heard about the recent new launch in district 14, Singapore? Yes, it is Penrose. This has been a hot topic discussed by many buyers looking for new launches and also, real estate professionals in Singapore.

There are various reasons as to why this development is drawing so much attention. From the location to accessibility, design, layout, pricing, and more.

Do allow me to share with you, some of the key benefits of this development. Before I get into more details of the project, one of the key important things to take note of is;

This development is done by not one, but two established developers in Singapore. The City Development Limited ( CDL ) and Hong Leong Group.

Let me now dive into the details of the project. Why everyone is talking about it, why this development is worth looking at, and why you should consider this development whether you are an investor or buying for your own stay.

For those of you who have been reading my blog on project reviews, you might have realized, I will hit onto the key points, mainly consisting of the layout of the unit, the location, and lastly, the future development of the project—sharing with you a few tips, saving you, a reader of my blog, time and effort in reading it.

For Penrose and subsequent future posts, I will incorporate another section, which is the price and future potential growth.


Penrose, having a total of 566 units in the development, would be considered as a middle sized development. Although the size of the development is mid, it has Single bedroom units for the investors and individuals to four-bedroom units that are ideal for families.

With the current Covid-19 situation, that has no visible end point, and what happens POST Covid-19, buyers might be considering buying a slightly bigger unit that allows for keeping one of the rooms as a study room.

Unit TypeNo. of Units
1 Bedroom57
1 Bedroom plus study2
2 Bedroom137
2 Bedroom plus study34
3 Bedroom228
3 Bedroom plus study54
4 Bedroom54

2 Bedrooms With Study

The 2 bedrooms (with study) is one of the good units for newly married couples or investors. Why?

The 2 bedrooms (with Study) being 74 square meter in size, has a regular layout design, whereby there are no corners and shape edges, leading to wasted space.

For both working couples, one study room may not be enough, as each will require their own privacy during work. Bedroom two, in this case, can be used as the other work area.

Alternatively, the bedroom two can also be used as a game room, where most of Generation Y and after, will appreciate the Internet gaming.

Lastly, bedroom two can also be used, like a baby room should there be a new member coming to the family.

For investors, upon buying a unit, you will most likely want to rent it out and start collecting rent. Many landlords will like to have tenants that are professionals. Due to the nature of their work, these groups of tenants will most likely want to have a work area, that is not mixed with the rest area, like the bedroom.

This will give you a higher opportunity to fulfill the tenant needs and have your unit rented out sooner than the rest.

3 Bedrooms Premium

In Penrose, there are 3 broad types of three bedrooms. They are the basic three bedrooms, three-bedroom with study, and three bedrooms premium.

What I am recommending will be three bedrooms premium, in particular, type (3Y) d. Now you might ask me, why this particular type.

Firstly, this unit has a size of 99 square meters. By looking at the size, the first thing that crosses your mind would probably be, why only 99 square meters? Putting aside the numbers to the size of the unit, when you step into the show flat, which is a similar unit, which is also Type (3Y) but is e model. Both the units are comparable but the size is even smaller, which is 98 square meters.

After you have gotten a feel of the space, you will not have the feeling of being confined in the unit. The reason being that the unit is very regular. There is no sharp corners and irregular bends inside the unit. The second, which is the key, is that the unit ceiling height is 2.8 meters. With such a right ceiling height, that gives you the benefit of air circulation and also, the feeling of freedom

Lastly, the unit is on stack 34. The development is built with the North-South facing and the next block, which is the HDB, is across the street. Due to the distance between both the blocks, it does not affect the breeze from flowing into the units during a windy day. Best of all, their units will be facing the angle of the morning sun, that gives you the brightness and not the heat.

4 Bedrooms

The 4 bedrooms in Penrose is like a 1 bedroom unit. It is rare, as less than 10% of the units are 4 bedrooms. This amounts to only 54 units, across the whole 566 units available.

Personally, for the 4 bedrooms unit, I preferred the type (4) b, per the attached picture. This unit sits at the corner of the block, having the facilities right in front of the balcony.

The development has only 18 floors, and for this unit, I will recommend having anything above 14 floors. the higher floor will have a better view and better breeze.

Another benefit for the 4 bedrooms in Penrose is, all rooms come with an attached bathroom. As you might be aware, the morning rush for many families can be challenging. The units come with 3 bathrooms, both the master and bedroom 4 is solely attached and bedroom 2 and 3 are shared with a bathroom.


Penrose is located along Sims Drive. The plot of land was previously a cluster of the old HDB flat. The physical location of the project will be at 20 to 30 Sims Drive.

Accessing to routine marketing is just across the street. There is a sizable wet market and hawker center within 5 mins of walk.


The nearest MRT station from the development will be Aljunied MRT Station, which is about 400 meters away, which would take you less than 7 mins to reach by foot. Aljunied MRT, which is the East-West line of our MRT transport system, and it is the first MRT line that is operational in Singapore.

From Aljunied MRT station, you are only 5 stations away to Raffles Place, which the financial hub and business district of Singapore. Bringing you the shopping area in Bugis, where there are 2 big shopping malls, is only 3 stations away. Going towards East, it is only 1 station to Paya Lebar, a newly developed shopping and office area.

For working professionals, the MRT will also bring you to most of the business hubs in Singapore, such as Raffles Place, Marina Bay Financial Center, Suntec City, Paya Lebar Quarter


Primary school is always a key consideration for many parents. Penrose, other than having the accessibility to the key business hub in Singapore. It also has popular schools within reach.

Within one KM, we have Geylang Methodist School and within two KM, we have Kong Hwa School and Cedar Primary School.

Development in District 14

Penrose is currently the only value for money development in district 14. Other than Penrose, there are currently no other developments of that size. I am confident that there will be more developments of this size in the future, however, whether it is in the near future or far future, i do not know.

I am so confident in the additional development as I feel that there are still many unwind developments in district 14. Looking at the current development of Penrose, there is still another plot of land nearby, that is not developed, or even sold yet.

Knowing there are still so many options, why should you be getting the unit now? I do agree that you can wait. However, currently, with the Covid-19 situation, developers are softer in their pricing. Once that is over, there is a very high chance that the developer will review and revamp the price structure.

Also, what happens to the price in 2 years time? As we know, property pricing is always on the up. 10 years ago, the property you were looking at property at was asking for less than one thousand per square feet. Now, in many areas, the asking price is above 1,600 per square feet.

Buying New Launches

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Kopar Newton buy sell Property Review

Project Review – Kopar

Covid-19 has been going on for some time, and nobody knows when it will end, or a vaccine will be ready. However, we can’t wait for this pandemic to end totally before deciding to either upgrade from my existing property, relocate nearer to my child’s school, or invest in a new property, as it requires a few years to build and by the time it is ready, we can capitalize on our investment.

Therefore, if you have a plan to upgrade, relocate, or invest, or if you are a foreigner, looking to buy a property in Singapore, I would like to recommend, Kopar@Newton. You might ask me, why Kopar@Newton? Why Newton? How can I afford it? What if I can’t rent it out? There are too many why’s, how’s, what’s, and more. Let me share with you the benefits of Kopar@Newtown. After this, if you still have standing concerns, we can discuss on how to overcome those.


Kapar at Newton (纽顿铜源) is a 99-years leasehold development with a land size of 125,327 square feet having a plot ratio of 2.8. The developer of this project is CEL Development Pte Ltd. The project is located along Kampong Java Road. The development comprises of a total of 378 units.

CEL Development Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Chip Eng Seng Group. Chip Eng Seng Group is a listed homegrown company that has won the bid of that plot of land at $418.8m. This homegrown company has portfolios that includes constructing The Pinnacle@Duxton, Privé @ Punggol Field, Park Colonial, High Park Residences, and more.

The legal completion of the whole development is planned to be on 31st December 2026. In all developments in Singapore, the targeted completion is normally earlier, in this case, is 31st Dec 2023.


First, let me share with you the layout of Kopar@Newton. I will not be sharing every single layout but will be sharing with you what I feel is worth considering.

Unit TypeNo. of Units
1 Bedroom66
2 Bedroom Classic42
2 Bedroom Deluxe86
3 Bedroom Classic44
3 Bedroom Deluxe66
3 Bedroom Penthouse4
4 Bedroom Deluxe45
4 Bedroom Penthouse1
5 Bedroom Delux21
Premier Penthouse3

2 Bedroom (Type 2D)

The 2 Bedroom Premium, at the size of 689 square feet (64 square meter), is one of the perfect unit for both investors, singles and couples.

The layout of the unit is very regular, and the size of both the master and common rooms are able to fit in King and Queen size beds respectively. Because of its regular layout, the arrangement of furniture will be easy as there aren’t any sharp corners.

3 Bedroom (Type 3C)

For new couples or couples with 2 kids, the 3 Bedroom would be a better option. The unit size of 1,055 square feet might sound a bit small for some of you, but when you take a look at the actual unit, it is not that small. The regular layout of the whole unit allows you to have maximized space utilization, with no wasted space between furnitures.

The master room, not taking into consideration the walk-in wardrobe and attached bathroom, allows a king-size bed to fit into the room and still provide a good walking space within the room. A small dressing table to go along inside the room is still possible.

If you have 2 children and want to give them their respective privacy, this unit allows you to do so. Both the rooms allow for a queen size bed to sit right in the center. You are still able to have a good walking area around the bed.

Should you not require both the rooms reserved for your children, one of them can be used as a study cum guest room, with a study table, beside a super single bed.

The size of the hall, allows you to have both the living and dining area separately. The design placed the see-through kitchen right beside the dining hall, which provides the meal to be placed with lesser movement.

Lastly, the unit, albeit only 1,055 square feet, is able to have a Household shelter. Many times, this will be used as a form of a storeroom. Should you visit other projects that provide a 1.055 square feet unit, there hardly is any storeroom. Therefore, depending on your needs, a 3 bedroom in Kopar @ Newton does give you the value for money investment.

5 Bedroom (Type 5C2)

The 5 bedroom unit in Kopar provided a size of 1,819 square feet comes with a direct access from a private lift. This unit is ideal for family of 3 generation.

For the parent, they have a choice of either putting up in Bedroom 5, which is on one side of the hall, and comes with an attached bathroom and it has the full privacy of their own. Alternatively, they can comfortably stay in the Junior Suite, which has a longer walkway into the room. Personally, I will prefer to have them staying in the junior suite as the aged parents don’t feel left out.

The master bedroom comes with an attached walk-in wardrobe and most importantly, the bathroom comes with 2 basins. some couples might know that having 1 basin can be challenging in the morning.

Personally, with the size available in the hall, it is able to allocate a good space for family bonding, where the family can sit together after a meal to chat and bond. The lifestyle in Singapore is so stressful that many people have unknowingly neglected their family members.


Kopar@Newton is located at the junction of Kampong Java Road and Newton Circle. The physical address of the two-block of the building is along 6 and 8 Makeway Avenue, Singapore 228606 and 228607 respectively. Across the development is Newton Hawker Center, a very popular hawker center which is visited by many tourists as well.

MRT Station

The nearest MRT station from the development will be Newton MRT Station, which is about 400 meters away, which would take you less than 6 mins to reach by foot. Newton MRT station is the interchange station for both the North South Line and Downtown Line, which brings you to most of the shopping areas in Singapore such as Orchard Road, City Hall, Bugis and Chinatown.

For working professionals, the MRT will also bring you to most of the business hubs in Singapore, such as Raffles Place, Marina Bay Financial Center, Suntec City, Tampines Hub.

Shopping and Dining

Very localised eating areas such as Newton Hawker Centre, Tekka Market and Food Centre, Whampoa Makan Place and Market, and more are within 2KM of reached.

Should you want to enjoy more comfortable and international cuisines, they are available in various shopping malls that are also within 2 KM reach. Malls such as United Square, Ngee Ann City, The Centrepoint, and lots more. These malls not only provide dining but also is a good place to shop.

Novena MRT station, which is just a station away from Network is a place you must not miss. The 2 biggest supermarket operators, Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice are both located near to Novena MRT Station.


Schools are a key consideration for many young parents. Besides the convenience of getting from place to place, Kopar@Newton also has some of the most popular schools around.

Anglo Chinese Junior School, Saint Joseph’s Institution Junior School, Anglo Chinese Primary School are all within 1KM and schools such as Saint Margaret’s Primary School, Singapore Chinese Girls Primary School are within 2KM.

If you are an expatriate, currently working in Singapore, you might want to consider sending you children to international schools such as ISS International School, Chatsworth International School, Dimensions International College which are within 2KM.

Accessing to Highway

The developer has not neglected the drivers. Accessing to CTE, which is one of the highways that cut across many towns of Singapore is just 5 mins away.

Another highway that brings you between east and west of Singapore, will be the PIE. It takes you 10 mins to hit the PIE from Kopar@newton.

Rental Return

As the project is located just outside the crowded Orchard Road, the rental demand is still going strong. Basically, the rental asking, as compared to those in the Orchard area can be 25% lower. Due to the current economical situation, that 25% saving, with just 5 mins train rides will be of great consideration for potential tenants.

As for the investment, Kopar@Newton is about 30% lower as compared to those in the center of the Orchard area. Looking at the percentage, you, being an investor will be profiting from both sides, the investment, which is 30% lower and rental, which is only 25% lower.


Personally, Kopar@Newton would be my key consideration if I am an investor or if I have children going into primary school.

Firstly – Rental Return

Kopar@Newton is not in the main shopping streets of Singapore, but it is just an MRT station away. In term of rental, it will be lower than those in Orchard. Question asked will be, why pay 25% higher for a 5 mins train ride.

If I am a tenant, I will consider paying the lower rental for the 5 mins train ride.

Secondly – Transport

The MRT station is only 400 Meters away. For those that work in the Business District, the MRT line will be of great help. Additional investment in cars may not be required.

If driving is a must for you, the 2 main highways of Singapore is less than a 10 mins drive away. Hitting onto the highway brings you to most of the estates in Singapore.

Buying New Launches

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Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in real estate since 2005. Together with him, he brought along a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with his client. His strong belief in a partnership and not the client made him successful in this career also.

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Jadescape at ShunFu Property Review

Project Review – Jadescape

Being a professional Property Wealth Planner (PWP), many people turn to me, asking me a magic question.
“Which property should I invest? So I can make money”.
Jokingly, I will reply,
“If I am so accurate, I will be sitting at home collecting profit”
That can be a joking reply but it is the truth. I don’t have a crystal ball telling me which property is sure to make money. However, I have an established systematic way of assessing a property, to invest with manageable risk.

“How about me, wanting to buy for my own stay”? The same goes, “you may not be staying there forever, so what would be your projected profit when you sell?”

Now, let me share with you one of the projects that would be worth the time taken to read through my article and consider contacting me for a discussion. – Jadescape

Jadescape buy sell rent

Jadescape – 顺福轩

JadeScape (顺福轩) is a 99-year leasehold condominium developed by Qingjian Realty (Marymount) Pte Ltd. It is located along Shunfu Road. The development comprises of 7 blocks of the residential block, amounting to a total of 1,206 residential and 6 shop units. These units sit over a land size of 396,114 square feet, which is a very sizable land.

There is a very good spread of unit type as the 7 blocks comprises of 1 to 5 bedrooms units, with sizes ranging from 527 square feet for a Single bedroom unit to 2,099 square feet for 5 bedrooms unit. This distribution of size is perfect for both investors and homeowners.

For those who have heard about Jadescape, you might have also heard, about the FengShui (風水) of Jadescape. The reason is that the developer, QingJian Realty, has consulted Master Joey Yap, a famous FengShui Master during the design of the development. Therefore, the landscaping and the architectural design of the development reference the FengShui concept provided by Master Joey Yap, to bring health and prosperity to Jadescape.


Jadescape, with 1206 units in the project. The breakdown of unit are as follows:-

Unit TypeNo. of Units
1 Bedroom236
2 Bedroom90
2 Bedroom Deluxe269
2 Bedroom Premium44
3 Bedroom86
3 Bedroom Deluxe137
3 Bedroom Premium42
4 Bedroom114
4 Bedroom Deluxe67
4 Bedroom Suite80
5 Bedroom Suite39

2 Bedrooms

Jadescape 2 bedroom unit.  buy sell rent

The 2 bedroom premium unit is the perfect unit for your own stay or investment. It has a size of 775 square feet, which many projects currently do not have for 2 bedrooms.

The unit layout is regular and both the master and common room are able to fit in King and Queen size beds respectively.

Due to the regular layout, the arrangement within the unit is perfect and there are no sharp corners, which is ideal for FengShui.

4 Bedrooms

Jadescape buy sell rent

The 4 bedroom Deluxe unit is a good unit for your own stay, with 4 to 5 family members. It has a size of 1,421 square feet. The size might sound average to you, but you will feel the difference when you are at the showroom.

The benefit of Jadescape development is, all the units are of regular size. This provides us with more options as to how we would like our internal layout to be.

5 Bedrooms

The 5 bedroom suite provides a size of 2,099 square feet. If you have family of 3 generations, you must not miss this unit.

Jadescape buy sell rent

It has a junior master bedroom that comes with an attached bathroom on one side. This is perfect for parents, who would prefer more privacy. The other wing comes with regular master bedroom, which has a walk-in closet with an attached bathroom.

The 3 rooms are equally distributed between the master bedroom and hall, all of which have a good size and privacy.

This unit comes with a private lift lobby, that allows your shoes to be out of your house and it does not affect the internal elegance of the unit


Jadescape buy sell rent

The plot of land that Jadescape sits on, was previously a HUDC development. It was right across the street of ShunFu hawker center, a popular hawker center that many people in the ShunFu and Thomson area patronize. Jadescape also enjoys the benefit of 3 most established estate in Singapore, Thomson, Bishan and Ang Mo Kio

MRT Station

The nearest MRT station to Jadescape is Marymount MRT Station. This is a station along the Circle Line. Bringing you to the business district required a change of MRT line at Bishan, which is 1 station away.

Thomson-East Coast Line is currently under construction. Upon completion of that, going to the north of Singapore is much accessible with a shorter time.

Jadescape At ShunFu.  Buy sell or rent

Shopping and dining

The nearest for dining in Jadescape will be the ShunFu hawker center which is just across the stress. However, if you are seeking for dinner dining, ShunFu hawker center will not be available, as it only operates in the day.

The next nearest place to head down for dining, would be Thomson area. There are rows of eateries along Thomson, and Thomson Plaza would be a shopping mall that you are able to dine, shop and obtain all necessary groceries

If short traveling is fine with you, 1 station away on an MRT ride to Bishan, brings you to Junction 8 and 1 station after the changing the train at Bishan MRT brings you to Ang Mo Kio Hub. These two shopping malls have all that you require for your everyday needs


Schools are a key consideration for many young parents. Jadescape, besides the convenience of getting from place to place has popular schools within reach. Ai Tong, which is within 2KM, is one of the most popular schools.

Another school that is closer to Jadescape, which is Catholic High School, which is within 1KM.

School Jadescape buy sell rent

Direct Access to Highway

The North-South Corridor (NSC), will be the 11th highway built in Singapore after completion. The highway is a total distance of 21KM, and aims to serve the Northern part of Singapore residences. The initial target completion is in the year 2023. However, it was significantly delayed due to the construction, the revised deadline will now be in the year 2026.

Jadescape developer realized the importance and convenience of this highway, has built an exit in the project, to join onto the highway when is the highway is completed. This gives the residences in Jadescape the benefit of accessibility.

Future development

As shared earlier, the North-South Corridor (NSC) will be up operation in year 2026, which is 6 years from now. This means, traveling from Thomson area to both Northern and central part of Singapore will be shorter.

Along with the development of Thomson East Coast MRT Line, that will also value add to the accessibility to Thomson area.

New launches in D20

Since 2013, there have been a limited number of new launches. To date, there are 7 new launches and all units in these 7 new launches are sold. Jadescape has sold close to 75% of the units. During Covid-19 period, Jadescape is still transacting.

Due to the limited land available, the developer can only move towards En-bloc of an existing old project to obtain land for development, but this is not going to happen so soon. For an En-bloc will take place, it would take around 18 to 24 months, and after which, the developer requires another 36 months to develop. All-in, it would take around 5 years for the En-bloc and new development to be completed.

Looking at D20, there isn’t much land available for new development. This maintains, if not uplifts the value of property in D20.

Rental yield

In Master Plan 2019, Thomson area was being crafted into the sub-regional center. The potential requirement for the rental will be on the rise. With the TOP of Jadescape happening in the year 2022, aligning with the development from Master Plan 2019. The timing is perfect, demand should start shortly after TOP.


Personally, Jadescape will be a project that I would strongly consider.

Firstly – due to the project landscaping.
The total of 7 blocks, amounting to 1206 units has given a good size, and the land size of above 396,000 square feet provide a good space between blocks. With the full facilities, that add to the completeness of the development.

Secondly – The Potential Growth
Having to look at the Master Plan 2019, the new launches around Thomson are much lower. This gives me a higher holding power, should I decide to sell the units within the next 5 years. By 2027, which is 5 years after TOP. I do not require to pay for Seller Stamp Duty at, same time, the value potentially appreciated due to the completion of master plan development.

Lastly – Transport network
With the development of MRT and The North-South Corridor (NSC). This has shortened my traveling time to various parts of Singapore. For those that work in Business District, the North-South MRT line will be of great help. Additional investment in cars may not be required.

Jadescape New Launches

Lastly, as of now, there is more than 75 percent of units sold and it is still moving during the COVID-19 period. Do click on the link below to sent me a WhatsApp message and I will get in touch with you soonest possible. If you like the project, appreciate if you can share the link to your friends and relatives.

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Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in real estate since 2005. Together with him, he brought along a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with his client. His strong belief in a partnership and not the client made him successful in this career also.

Should you have any queries, relating to Jadescape, or other properties that are of your interest. Drop me a WhatsApp HERE. I will respond to you soonest possible.