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Market Outlook

Market Outlook – Q2 2020

Sharing of the market of 2020. With the current Coronavirus situation. How was the market moving and what is the projection basing on experience and background

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Who Should Do Mortgage Refinancing?

Who Should Do Mortgage Refinancing? For many Singaporeans, the flat we purchase usually does not belong to us for several years, the reason behind that being that we put our purchased flat on a...

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Should I Sell My HDB After Upgrading To Condo?

The article shared the key consideration, mainly from the investment point of view. How to go about managing HDB and private condo. Making you as a property investor with lower possible non-property related payment

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Should Your First Home Be HDB BTO

Should The First Home You Are Getting Be HDB BTO Flat Congratulation, when you start to reach about this post, it tells that, you are about to make one of the bigger ticket investment...

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4 Questions To Ask Before Upgrading Your HDB

4 Questions To Ask Before Upgrading Your HDB You have been staying in your newly BTO HDB Flat for almost five years.  Your neighbor has been talking about upgrading to a bigger flat, upgrading...