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What can you do, when your HDB reached 5…

What Are The Available Options When Your HDB Reached MOP?

(Agent) Lewis: Mr. and Mrs. Soh, Thank you for your time. I understood, your current flat has reached the HDB MOP period. Any plan you have in mind?
(Owner) Mr. Soh : No Plan.. Why I need to plan? can’t i continue staying?
(Agent) Lewis : Oh, of cos you can continue to stay, until your flat reach 99 years of age.
(Owner) Mr. Soh : Den, why I need to plan? i just continue to stay lor!
(Agent) Lewis : Mr. Soh, yes, you can. But, do you know, what will the value of your HDB flat be if you stay till you retired?
(Owner) Mr. Soh: Though it will surely go up?
(Agent) Lewis : May or may no!
(Owner) Mr. Soh : you sure?
(Agent) Lewis : Yes. Why not let me share with you, what are your option available. After that, you decided what you want to do? Maybe you can retired earlier. I said, MAYBE
(Owner) Mr. Soh: Ok.

HDB reached 5 Years MOP

3 Common options available for owner

Option 1 – Continue to stay in current HDB Flat

To save all effort of selling, buying, renovating and moving. you can continue to stay in your current flat.

Before you make that decision, some of the key pointer for your consideration

Understand your current value of your flat?

In many of the HDB Flat, the price is at peak within the first five years, after MOP, forming a bell curve format. Reason being, the flat is still new, renovation is still in good condition where buyer don’t have to do much.

With that, some buyer don’t mind paying a bit more, for the condition and renovation. They can capitalised the use of their CPF to service the loan and not cash for renovation.

Although the age and renovation has impact to the value of the flat. These are not the only factor, there are other factor to be considered as every single unit of flat is unique. Not all flat will be within that category. Which can profit upon selling.

Option 2 – Buying a private property and consider renting the current HDB flat

This option is to buy a second property. Use property to generate income through rental. The rental collected can be used to service the loan of the property

The consideration for this option is. As it is a second property, you will be required to pay for ABSD (Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty) during the purchase.

As you are still have a loan running for your HDB flat, the loan for your private property will be cap at 45% LTV (loan-to-value).

In many circumstances, this is the drawback for this option unless you are financially sound to pay those

Option 3 – Upgrade from the current property

In this option, you can further consider one for the four sub-option.

Buy First Sell later

Although you are buying the property first and sell it late, you will still need to pay Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) to IRAS during the purchase and seek remission of the amount after selling your HDB flat.

The timeframe for that to happen is six months. Which means, the HDB flat need to be sold within six months from

– The date of purchased on the second property for completed property
– The date of issuing of the TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) or CSC (Certificate of Statutory Completion), whichever is earlier for new / uncompleted property
to enjoy this remission.

Some other requirement will be, the couple will need to have at lease one Singapore Citizen in the purchase and the newly purchase unit has to be on both name of the couple only.

Lastly, at the time of selling the current flat, the couple must be remains married and there is no changes to the ownership of the second residential property.

Sell Now and Buy later

This is one of the most neat option. Reason, you do not need to rush to do any of the transaction be if buying or selling. You can have time to buy the unit you wanted to, be it new or resales.

The catch for this is, you will sell your current unit openly in the market. After which, rent a unit as temporary accommodation (be it 1 or 2 years lease depending on your buying)

During the staying in the rented flat, you will wait for the handing over of key for your purchase unit, do any renovation required and move in on the selected date.


Question you might ask will be, why should I be paying rental during this period?

Agreed, but the rented pay as compared to your ABSD. The different is very clear. Example, the ABSD for 2 million dollars property S$ 364,600. the rental for any units over 24 months, you can put aside $72,000 and you will still have a saving of close to S$ 300,000.

Buying and Selling concurrently

This option, you can bypass the above payment of ABSD totally. Yes, you can. But… But.. But..

The key factor to made this a success is, timeline need to be well plan and managed for both buying and selling of both the properties. You are also, need to take into consideration that you do not have time for renovation.

For this option, I will strongly suggest you to engage an experience and professional real estate relator to assist you. He / She must be able to put on table, a timeline plan on how you can go about doing the upgrade. This is to reduce any foreseeable hiccup

If you felt that, you are not confident in the realtor engaged. You can consider us, as you have 3 professional realtor at the same commission paid.

Selling your current and buying two properties, one to stay and one for investment

If financially permit. You can consider using both your cash from sales proceed and CPF Fund of the sold HDB flat to purchase 2 private properties.

one of the private property for your own staying and the other put in market for rental. The rental collected can be used to support the loan of one of the property with some surplus.

To reduce any possible stress from you, being the buyer of both properties. We can arrange to have both the properties purchased at different timing. This is not necessary to happen at the same time.


With the above options shared. it might sound too heavy for you. All option are workable, but it depends on the financial and risk appetite. I am most happen to assist to walk you through, at your available time slot, to see which option fit you best.

Case Study 1

Let me share with you, what I have done for one of my client, Mr and Mrs. Liew

Mr and Mrs. Liew purchased their HDB 4 room flat in Serangoon. A resales HDB flat. They have, during the purchase enjoyed the CPF Housing grant. They are not willing to move out of Serangoon area as their parent are staying in Serangoon also.

I was being contacted shortly after their MOP reached. Sharing with me, they have plan to upgrade. After understanding their financial and risk appetite and their interest in buying one private property and second for investment.

I have recommended them to sell their HDB flat and purchase a 3 bedroom in Forest Woods Condo. During the time, after selling the HDB flat, before obtaining the key for new condo (which is soon). They have the benefit of staying with their parent over the past 4 months.

Now, they are just happily staying with no worries, waiting for the taking over of their private condo. After which, they will be looking into investing a 2 bedroom units for rental.

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Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in the real estate since 2005, with him joining, he has brought along with him, was a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with all his client

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Freehold Property

Competitive Benefits Between Leasehold Vs Freehold

“Is this a leasehold or freehold property”. As a real estate profession, whenever I bring the buyer to view a private property, the question from seven out of ten of the buyer will be as above.

Private resident property in Singapore generally can be categories into two broad areas. The leasehold and freehold. In leasehold, most of the property can be either 99, if not 999 years.

So, which is better? Leasehold or freehold. I think this is a straightforward Answer. Of cause is freehold. It is a response that does not require too much thinking.

Technically, the freehold land, the owner can hold it forever, with no end-date to it. He can also, if he decided to do so, pass that ownership to the next generation and after.

999 leasehold, is somehow similar to freehold. The end date of the property has 1000 years before the lease ended. The owner can therefore able to pass down to 10 generations.

Why are buyers so concern about the tenure of the property, rather than the land? Do leasehold and freehold matter? To me, it does make some implication, but land tenure should not be the critical consideration when buying any property

Let us now dive into more detail on the pro and cons of both leasehold and freehold (I will categorize 999 years leasehold with freehold)

Freehold during Collective Sales

When a project is undergoing a collective sales (or, it is more layman to call it as En-bloc sales) process, which is an option that normally benefits the owner from a financial perspective.

In any collective sales, the project will normally be over 10 years of age from TOP. some of which might go as high as 30 years of age.

Lease Top-Up

Developers who involved in the collective sales will have to top-up the lease, to bring it back to 99 years. So as the value of the property is at the market when they start selling it. This top-up amount can be as high as hundreds of million.

Taking Mandarin Gardens, for example, the project has passed its 34 years of age as of 2020. The developer, in addition to the purchase of the land, will have to pay a lease top-up fee of over $300 million

Freehold Vs leasehold

With that into consideration, the developer will either offer a lower price to the current owner or potentially sell at a higher price to new development. My personal take for this is, I will rather buy low, rather than trying to sell high after development

Appreciation rate

While touching the pulse of the property market. I realize the appreciation rate of leasehold property has interesting came higher than freehold property

leasehold or freehold

Statistically, it was also second to my groundwork. One of the key reasons, I felt is, there is more leasehold property as compare to freehold. Most of the leasehold property land today is closer to the key transport hub, shopping mall, and other amenities

Financing on leasehold property

With the remaining lease of the property going lesser and lesser, the government will realized obtaining the loan became more and more challenging.

Therefore, The National Development and The Ministries of Manpower, has on the 10th May 2019 updated the rules on both HDB (Housing and Development Board) and CPF (Central Provident Fund) on the usage fund in OA (Ordinary Account).

The key changes to the rule are, the total CPF can be used will depend on the remaining lease of the property and the age of the youngest buyer. This is, the remaining lease of the property must able to cover the youngest buyer to the age of 95.

In additional to above, NO CPF is allows to be used, if the remining lease of the property is less then 20 years.

The remaining lease is more than 20 years for those properties, but it does not cover the youngest buyer to the age of 95. What happens? The CPF used will be pro-rated accordingly by the authority.

Continue transfer of ownership

All properties, be it leasehold or freehold. The transfer of ownership is possible. Why was this being taken as consideration was, for a leasehold property, especially 99 years leasehold property? The effective stay-in period is less than 90 years.

Why is it lesser? The reason being that the development will take a few years before the owner starts to move in and stay. The leasehold property lease starts when the land is sold, not when TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) or CSC (Certificate of Statutory Completion).

Therefore, when the transfer of ownership going to happen, we will need to look into the remaining lease. It might just for two-generation and this might not be enough, especially for landed property, which normally will pass on by generation.

For freehold property, the above consideration will not be required. It can be passed on generation after generation. The taking over a generation can then continue to do any renovation, Additions, and Alterations works (A&A) or rebuilding to upkeep the property.

I will hereby want to put a caveat here, Singapore does have the LAND ACQUISITION ACT (CHAPTER 152). Whereby the private land can be acquired by necessary authority for the purpose of public purposes

Rental Yield

Having to share above, the various benefit of buying freehold property over leasehold property. Is it true that there is nothing comparable between both?

The answer is no, there is still benefit, if not equal fairness on both freehold and leasehold.

Rental Yield, for example, the tender age of the property has a minimum, if not no impact on the rental yield. One of the key parameters when it comes to rental is the amenities.

As we all aware, most of the units being rented out are taken by foreigners. Since this is not their homeland, they will be looking at accessibilities to malls, public transport, and rental amount.


In property investment, or any investment. There are long-term and short-term investors. When it comes to property investment, many of the investors are more looking at the short term. This group of investor are looking at a “hit and go” type of approach

As Singapore property transaction has SSD (Seller Stamp Duty), whereby the property purchased if sold within three years, there is an SSD imposed a minimum of 4% on the actual transacted value or market value whichever higher. There will be a minimum holding period of the property. This can be overcome when they bought a brand new property

During the brand new unit’s purchase, the investor will start to make their progressive payment, which is not the full repayment. By the time the unit got its TOP, it will likely be approaching the third year.

They will now sell the unit in the open market and profit from the sales without liable for the SSD. Assuming the market is in a healthy state.


There are generally two categories of buyers: buying for own stay, and the second type buying as an investment.

Be it which categories you are. My most humble suggestion is to look at the property with the following priorities


You can do any renovation for your property, but you can’t bring an MRT station, bus interchange, or mall near your place. You might be driving today, but there will come a time that you want to hop onto public transport.

Potential Growth

What and how to determine that. My suggestion will still be the development of the area you bought. If there are a transport hub or mall around, the chances of your property dropping below market value are very slim.

This is also the same selling point, in the event you wanted to sell your property

Leasehold or Freehold

I have shared earlier, and both freehold and leasehold are comparable unless you really wanted to hold the property generation after generation.

Lewis Tee - Real estate agent buying selling renting

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Not forgetting, leasehold or freehold is the age of property, but to move ahead, there are more to consider.

Let discuss and see what option you have. Property Wealth Planning if what you need, not just buying and selling

Penrose Launch

Project Review – Penrose

Have you heard about the recent new launch in district 14, Singapore? Yes, it is Penrose. This has been a hot topic discussed by many buyers looking for new launches and also, real estate professionals in Singapore.

There are various reasons as to why this development is drawing so much attention. From the location to accessibility, design, layout, pricing, and more.

Do allow me to share with you, some of the key benefits of this development. Before I get into more details of the project, one of the key important things to take note of is;

This development is done by not one, but two established developers in Singapore. The City Development Limited ( CDL ) and Hong Leong Group.

Let me now dive into the details of the project. Why everyone is talking about it, why this development is worth looking at, and why you should consider this development whether you are an investor or buying for your own stay.

For those of you who have been reading my blog on project reviews, you might have realized, I will hit onto the key points, mainly consisting of the layout of the unit, the location, and lastly, the future development of the project—sharing with you a few tips, saving you, a reader of my blog, time and effort in reading it.

For Penrose and subsequent future posts, I will incorporate another section, which is the price and future potential growth.


Penrose, having a total of 566 units in the development, would be considered as a middle sized development. Although the size of the development is mid, it has Single bedroom units for the investors and individuals to four-bedroom units that are ideal for families.

With the current Covid-19 situation, that has no visible end point, and what happens POST Covid-19, buyers might be considering buying a slightly bigger unit that allows for keeping one of the rooms as a study room.

Unit TypeNo. of Units
1 Bedroom57
1 Bedroom plus study2
2 Bedroom137
2 Bedroom plus study34
3 Bedroom228
3 Bedroom plus study54
4 Bedroom54

2 Bedrooms With Study

The 2 bedrooms (with study) is one of the good units for newly married couples or investors. Why?

The 2 bedrooms (with Study) being 74 square meter in size, has a regular layout design, whereby there are no corners and shape edges, leading to wasted space.

For both working couples, one study room may not be enough, as each will require their own privacy during work. Bedroom two, in this case, can be used as the other work area.

Alternatively, the bedroom two can also be used as a game room, where most of Generation Y and after, will appreciate the Internet gaming.

Lastly, bedroom two can also be used, like a baby room should there be a new member coming to the family.

For investors, upon buying a unit, you will most likely want to rent it out and start collecting rent. Many landlords will like to have tenants that are professionals. Due to the nature of their work, these groups of tenants will most likely want to have a work area, that is not mixed with the rest area, like the bedroom.

This will give you a higher opportunity to fulfill the tenant needs and have your unit rented out sooner than the rest.

3 Bedrooms Premium

In Penrose, there are 3 broad types of three bedrooms. They are the basic three bedrooms, three-bedroom with study, and three bedrooms premium.

What I am recommending will be three bedrooms premium, in particular, type (3Y) d. Now you might ask me, why this particular type.

Firstly, this unit has a size of 99 square meters. By looking at the size, the first thing that crosses your mind would probably be, why only 99 square meters? Putting aside the numbers to the size of the unit, when you step into the show flat, which is a similar unit, which is also Type (3Y) but is e model. Both the units are comparable but the size is even smaller, which is 98 square meters.

After you have gotten a feel of the space, you will not have the feeling of being confined in the unit. The reason being that the unit is very regular. There is no sharp corners and irregular bends inside the unit. The second, which is the key, is that the unit ceiling height is 2.8 meters. With such a right ceiling height, that gives you the benefit of air circulation and also, the feeling of freedom

Lastly, the unit is on stack 34. The development is built with the North-South facing and the next block, which is the HDB, is across the street. Due to the distance between both the blocks, it does not affect the breeze from flowing into the units during a windy day. Best of all, their units will be facing the angle of the morning sun, that gives you the brightness and not the heat.

4 Bedrooms

The 4 bedrooms in Penrose is like a 1 bedroom unit. It is rare, as less than 10% of the units are 4 bedrooms. This amounts to only 54 units, across the whole 566 units available.

Personally, for the 4 bedrooms unit, I preferred the type (4) b, per the attached picture. This unit sits at the corner of the block, having the facilities right in front of the balcony.

The development has only 18 floors, and for this unit, I will recommend having anything above 14 floors. the higher floor will have a better view and better breeze.

Another benefit for the 4 bedrooms in Penrose is, all rooms come with an attached bathroom. As you might be aware, the morning rush for many families can be challenging. The units come with 3 bathrooms, both the master and bedroom 4 is solely attached and bedroom 2 and 3 are shared with a bathroom.


Penrose is located along Sims Drive. The plot of land was previously a cluster of the old HDB flat. The physical location of the project will be at 20 to 30 Sims Drive.

Accessing to routine marketing is just across the street. There is a sizable wet market and hawker center within 5 mins of walk.


The nearest MRT station from the development will be Aljunied MRT Station, which is about 400 meters away, which would take you less than 7 mins to reach by foot. Aljunied MRT, which is the East-West line of our MRT transport system, and it is the first MRT line that is operational in Singapore.

From Aljunied MRT station, you are only 5 stations away to Raffles Place, which the financial hub and business district of Singapore. Bringing you the shopping area in Bugis, where there are 2 big shopping malls, is only 3 stations away. Going towards East, it is only 1 station to Paya Lebar, a newly developed shopping and office area.

For working professionals, the MRT will also bring you to most of the business hubs in Singapore, such as Raffles Place, Marina Bay Financial Center, Suntec City, Paya Lebar Quarter


Primary school is always a key consideration for many parents. Penrose, other than having the accessibility to the key business hub in Singapore. It also has popular schools within reach.

Within one KM, we have Geylang Methodist School and within two KM, we have Kong Hwa School and Cedar Primary School.

Development in District 14

Penrose is currently the only value for money development in district 14. Other than Penrose, there are currently no other developments of that size. I am confident that there will be more developments of this size in the future, however, whether it is in the near future or far future, i do not know.

I am so confident in the additional development as I feel that there are still many unwind developments in district 14. Looking at the current development of Penrose, there is still another plot of land nearby, that is not developed, or even sold yet.

Knowing there are still so many options, why should you be getting the unit now? I do agree that you can wait. However, currently, with the Covid-19 situation, developers are softer in their pricing. Once that is over, there is a very high chance that the developer will review and revamp the price structure.

Also, what happens to the price in 2 years time? As we know, property pricing is always on the up. 10 years ago, the property you were looking at property at was asking for less than one thousand per square feet. Now, in many areas, the asking price is above 1,600 per square feet.

Buying New Launches

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Remember, There is no medication for regret. What is missed, is gone

Kopar Newton buy sell

Project Review – Kopar

Covid-19 has been going on for some time, and nobody knows when it will end, or a vaccine will be ready. However, we can’t wait for this pandemic to end totally before deciding to either upgrade from my existing property, relocate nearer to my child’s school, or invest in a new property, as it requires a few years to build and by the time it is ready, we can capitalize on our investment.

Therefore, if you have a plan to upgrade, relocate, or invest, or if you are a foreigner, looking to buy a property in Singapore, I would like to recommend, Kopar@Newton. You might ask me, why Kopar@Newton? Why Newton? How can I afford it? What if I can’t rent it out? There are too many why’s, how’s, what’s, and more. Let me share with you the benefits of Kopar@Newtown. After this, if you still have standing concerns, we can discuss on how to overcome those.


Kapar at Newton (纽顿铜源) is a 99-years leasehold development with a land size of 125,327 square feet having a plot ratio of 2.8. The developer of this project is CEL Development Pte Ltd. The project is located along Kampong Java Road. The development comprises of a total of 378 units.

CEL Development Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Chip Eng Seng Group. Chip Eng Seng Group is a listed homegrown company that has won the bid of that plot of land at $418.8m. This homegrown company has portfolios that includes constructing The Pinnacle@Duxton, Privé @ Punggol Field, Park Colonial, High Park Residences, and more.

The legal completion of the whole development is planned to be on 31st December 2026. In all developments in Singapore, the targeted completion is normally earlier, in this case, is 31st Dec 2023.


First, let me share with you the layout of Kopar@Newton. I will not be sharing every single layout but will be sharing with you what I feel is worth considering.

Unit TypeNo. of Units
1 Bedroom66
2 Bedroom Classic42
2 Bedroom Deluxe86
3 Bedroom Classic44
3 Bedroom Deluxe66
3 Bedroom Penthouse4
4 Bedroom Deluxe45
4 Bedroom Penthouse1
5 Bedroom Delux21
Premier Penthouse3

2 Bedroom (Type 2D)

The 2 Bedroom Premium, at the size of 689 square feet (64 square meter), is one of the perfect unit for both investors, singles and couples.

The layout of the unit is very regular, and the size of both the master and common rooms are able to fit in King and Queen size beds respectively. Because of its regular layout, the arrangement of furniture will be easy as there aren’t any sharp corners.

3 Bedroom (Type 3C)

For new couples or couples with 2 kids, the 3 Bedroom would be a better option. The unit size of 1,055 square feet might sound a bit small for some of you, but when you take a look at the actual unit, it is not that small. The regular layout of the whole unit allows you to have maximized space utilization, with no wasted space between furnitures.

The master room, not taking into consideration the walk-in wardrobe and attached bathroom, allows a king-size bed to fit into the room and still provide a good walking space within the room. A small dressing table to go along inside the room is still possible.

If you have 2 children and want to give them their respective privacy, this unit allows you to do so. Both the rooms allow for a queen size bed to sit right in the center. You are still able to have a good walking area around the bed.

Should you not require both the rooms reserved for your children, one of them can be used as a study cum guest room, with a study table, beside a super single bed.

The size of the hall, allows you to have both the living and dining area separately. The design placed the see-through kitchen right beside the dining hall, which provides the meal to be placed with lesser movement.

Lastly, the unit, albeit only 1,055 square feet, is able to have a Household shelter. Many times, this will be used as a form of a storeroom. Should you visit other projects that provide a 1.055 square feet unit, there hardly is any storeroom. Therefore, depending on your needs, a 3 bedroom in Kopar @ Newton does give you the value for money investment.

5 Bedroom (Type 5C2)

The 5 bedroom unit in Kopar provided a size of 1,819 square feet comes with a direct access from a private lift. This unit is ideal for family of 3 generation.

For the parent, they have a choice of either putting up in Bedroom 5, which is on one side of the hall, and comes with an attached bathroom and it has the full privacy of their own. Alternatively, they can comfortably stay in the Junior Suite, which has a longer walkway into the room. Personally, I will prefer to have them staying in the junior suite as the aged parents don’t feel left out.

The master bedroom comes with an attached walk-in wardrobe and most importantly, the bathroom comes with 2 basins. some couples might know that having 1 basin can be challenging in the morning.

Personally, with the size available in the hall, it is able to allocate a good space for family bonding, where the family can sit together after a meal to chat and bond. The lifestyle in Singapore is so stressful that many people have unknowingly neglected their family members.


Kopar@Newton is located at the junction of Kampong Java Road and Newton Circle. The physical address of the two-block of the building is along 6 and 8 Makeway Avenue, Singapore 228606 and 228607 respectively. Across the development is Newton Hawker Center, a very popular hawker center which is visited by many tourists as well.

MRT Station

The nearest MRT station from the development will be Newton MRT Station, which is about 400 meters away, which would take you less than 6 mins to reach by foot. Newton MRT station is the interchange station for both the North South Line and Downtown Line, which brings you to most of the shopping areas in Singapore such as Orchard Road, City Hall, Bugis and Chinatown.

For working professionals, the MRT will also bring you to most of the business hubs in Singapore, such as Raffles Place, Marina Bay Financial Center, Suntec City, Tampines Hub.

Shopping and Dining

Very localised eating areas such as Newton Hawker Centre, Tekka Market and Food Centre, Whampoa Makan Place and Market, and more are within 2KM of reached.

Should you want to enjoy more comfortable and international cuisines, they are available in various shopping malls that are also within 2 KM reach. Malls such as United Square, Ngee Ann City, The Centrepoint, and lots more. These malls not only provide dining but also is a good place to shop.

Novena MRT station, which is just a station away from Network is a place you must not miss. The 2 biggest supermarket operators, Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice are both located near to Novena MRT Station.


Schools are a key consideration for many young parents. Besides the convenience of getting from place to place, Kopar@Newton also has some of the most popular schools around.

Anglo Chinese Junior School, Saint Joseph’s Institution Junior School, Anglo Chinese Primary School are all within 1KM and schools such as Saint Margaret’s Primary School, Singapore Chinese Girls Primary School are within 2KM.

If you are an expatriate, currently working in Singapore, you might want to consider sending you children to international schools such as ISS International School, Chatsworth International School, Dimensions International College which are within 2KM.

Accessing to Highway

The developer has not neglected the drivers. Accessing to CTE, which is one of the highways that cut across many towns of Singapore is just 5 mins away.

Another highway that brings you between east and west of Singapore, will be the PIE. It takes you 10 mins to hit the PIE from Kopar@newton.

Rental Return

As the project is located just outside the crowded Orchard Road, the rental demand is still going strong. Basically, the rental asking, as compared to those in the Orchard area can be 25% lower. Due to the current economical situation, that 25% saving, with just 5 mins train rides will be of great consideration for potential tenants.

As for the investment, Kopar@Newton is about 30% lower as compared to those in the center of the Orchard area. Looking at the percentage, you, being an investor will be profiting from both sides, the investment, which is 30% lower and rental, which is only 25% lower.


Personally, Kopar@Newton would be my key consideration if I am an investor or if I have children going into primary school.

Firstly – Rental Return

Kopar@Newton is not in the main shopping streets of Singapore, but it is just an MRT station away. In term of rental, it will be lower than those in Orchard. Question asked will be, why pay 25% higher for a 5 mins train ride.

If I am a tenant, I will consider paying the lower rental for the 5 mins train ride.

Secondly – Transport

The MRT station is only 400 Meters away. For those that work in the Business District, the MRT line will be of great help. Additional investment in cars may not be required.

If driving is a must for you, the 2 main highways of Singapore is less than a 10 mins drive away. Hitting onto the highway brings you to most of the estates in Singapore.

Buying New Launches

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Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in real estate since 2005. Together with him, he brought along a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with his client. His strong belief in a partnership and not the client made him successful in this career also.

Should you have any queries, relating to Kopar@Newton, or other properties that are of your interest. Drop me a WhatsApp HERE. I will respond to you soonest possible.

Jadescape at ShunFu

Project Review – Jadescape

Being a professional Property Wealth Planner (PWP), many people turn to me, asking me a magic question.
“Which property should I invest? So I can make money”.
Jokingly, I will reply,
“If I am so accurate, I will be sitting at home collecting profit”
That can be a joking reply but it is the truth. I don’t have a crystal ball telling me which property is sure to make money. However, I have an established systematic way of assessing a property, to invest with manageable risk.

“How about me, wanting to buy for my own stay”? The same goes, “you may not be staying there forever, so what would be your projected profit when you sell?”

Now, let me share with you one of the projects that would be worth the time taken to read through my article and consider contacting me for a discussion. – Jadescape

Jadescape buy sell rent

Jadescape – 顺福轩

JadeScape (顺福轩) is a 99-year leasehold condominium developed by Qingjian Realty (Marymount) Pte Ltd. It is located along Shunfu Road. The development comprises of 7 blocks of the residential block, amounting to a total of 1,206 residential and 6 shop units. These units sit over a land size of 396,114 square feet, which is a very sizable land.

There is a very good spread of unit type as the 7 blocks comprises of 1 to 5 bedrooms units, with sizes ranging from 527 square feet for a Single bedroom unit to 2,099 square feet for 5 bedrooms unit. This distribution of size is perfect for both investors and homeowners.

For those who have heard about Jadescape, you might have also heard, about the FengShui (風水) of Jadescape. The reason is that the developer, QingJian Realty, has consulted Master Joey Yap, a famous FengShui Master during the design of the development. Therefore, the landscaping and the architectural design of the development reference the FengShui concept provided by Master Joey Yap, to bring health and prosperity to Jadescape.


Jadescape, with 1206 units in the project. The breakdown of unit are as follows:-

Unit TypeNo. of Units
1 Bedroom236
2 Bedroom90
2 Bedroom Deluxe269
2 Bedroom Premium44
3 Bedroom86
3 Bedroom Deluxe137
3 Bedroom Premium42
4 Bedroom114
4 Bedroom Deluxe67
4 Bedroom Suite80
5 Bedroom Suite39

2 Bedrooms

Jadescape 2 bedroom unit.  buy sell rent

The 2 bedroom premium unit is the perfect unit for your own stay or investment. It has a size of 775 square feet, which many projects currently do not have for 2 bedrooms.

The unit layout is regular and both the master and common room are able to fit in King and Queen size beds respectively.

Due to the regular layout, the arrangement within the unit is perfect and there are no sharp corners, which is ideal for FengShui.

4 Bedrooms

Jadescape buy sell rent

The 4 bedroom Deluxe unit is a good unit for your own stay, with 4 to 5 family members. It has a size of 1,421 square feet. The size might sound average to you, but you will feel the difference when you are at the showroom.

The benefit of Jadescape development is, all the units are of regular size. This provides us with more options as to how we would like our internal layout to be.

5 Bedrooms

The 5 bedroom suite provides a size of 2,099 square feet. If you have family of 3 generations, you must not miss this unit.

Jadescape buy sell rent

It has a junior master bedroom that comes with an attached bathroom on one side. This is perfect for parents, who would prefer more privacy. The other wing comes with regular master bedroom, which has a walk-in closet with an attached bathroom.

The 3 rooms are equally distributed between the master bedroom and hall, all of which have a good size and privacy.

This unit comes with a private lift lobby, that allows your shoes to be out of your house and it does not affect the internal elegance of the unit


Jadescape buy sell rent

The plot of land that Jadescape sits on, was previously a HUDC development. It was right across the street of ShunFu hawker center, a popular hawker center that many people in the ShunFu and Thomson area patronize. Jadescape also enjoys the benefit of 3 most established estate in Singapore, Thomson, Bishan and Ang Mo Kio

MRT Station

The nearest MRT station to Jadescape is Marymount MRT Station. This is a station along the Circle Line. Bringing you to the business district required a change of MRT line at Bishan, which is 1 station away.

Thomson-East Coast Line is currently under construction. Upon completion of that, going to the north of Singapore is much accessible with a shorter time.

Jadescape At ShunFu.  Buy sell or rent

Shopping and dining

The nearest for dining in Jadescape will be the ShunFu hawker center which is just across the stress. However, if you are seeking for dinner dining, ShunFu hawker center will not be available, as it only operates in the day.

The next nearest place to head down for dining, would be Thomson area. There are rows of eateries along Thomson, and Thomson Plaza would be a shopping mall that you are able to dine, shop and obtain all necessary groceries

If short traveling is fine with you, 1 station away on an MRT ride to Bishan, brings you to Junction 8 and 1 station after the changing the train at Bishan MRT brings you to Ang Mo Kio Hub. These two shopping malls have all that you require for your everyday needs


Schools are a key consideration for many young parents. Jadescape, besides the convenience of getting from place to place has popular schools within reach. Ai Tong, which is within 2KM, is one of the most popular schools.

Another school that is closer to Jadescape, which is Catholic High School, which is within 1KM.

School Jadescape buy sell rent

Direct Access to Highway

The North-South Corridor (NSC), will be the 11th highway built in Singapore after completion. The highway is a total distance of 21KM, and aims to serve the Northern part of Singapore residences. The initial target completion is in the year 2023. However, it was significantly delayed due to the construction, the revised deadline will now be in the year 2026.

Jadescape developer realized the importance and convenience of this highway, has built an exit in the project, to join onto the highway when is the highway is completed. This gives the residences in Jadescape the benefit of accessibility.

Future development

As shared earlier, the North-South Corridor (NSC) will be up operation in year 2026, which is 6 years from now. This means, traveling from Thomson area to both Northern and central part of Singapore will be shorter.

Along with the development of Thomson East Coast MRT Line, that will also value add to the accessibility to Thomson area.

New launches in D20

Since 2013, there have been a limited number of new launches. To date, there are 7 new launches and all units in these 7 new launches are sold. Jadescape has sold close to 75% of the units. During Covid-19 period, Jadescape is still transacting.

Due to the limited land available, the developer can only move towards En-bloc of an existing old project to obtain land for development, but this is not going to happen so soon. For an En-bloc will take place, it would take around 18 to 24 months, and after which, the developer requires another 36 months to develop. All-in, it would take around 5 years for the En-bloc and new development to be completed.

Looking at D20, there isn’t much land available for new development. This maintains, if not uplifts the value of property in D20.

Rental yield

In Master Plan 2019, Thomson area was being crafted into the sub-regional center. The potential requirement for the rental will be on the rise. With the TOP of Jadescape happening in the year 2022, aligning with the development from Master Plan 2019. The timing is perfect, demand should start shortly after TOP.


Personally, Jadescape will be a project that I would strongly consider.

Firstly – due to the project landscaping.
The total of 7 blocks, amounting to 1206 units has given a good size, and the land size of above 396,000 square feet provide a good space between blocks. With the full facilities, that add to the completeness of the development.

Secondly – The Potential Growth
Having to look at the Master Plan 2019, the new launches around Thomson are much lower. This gives me a higher holding power, should I decide to sell the units within the next 5 years. By 2027, which is 5 years after TOP. I do not require to pay for Seller Stamp Duty at, same time, the value potentially appreciated due to the completion of master plan development.

Lastly – Transport network
With the development of MRT and The North-South Corridor (NSC). This has shortened my traveling time to various parts of Singapore. For those that work in Business District, the North-South MRT line will be of great help. Additional investment in cars may not be required.

Jadescape New Launches

Lastly, as of now, there is more than 75 percent of units sold and it is still moving during the COVID-19 period. Do click on the link below to sent me a WhatsApp message and I will get in touch with you soonest possible. If you like the project, appreciate if you can share the link to your friends and relatives.

Buy Sell Renting of your property

Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in real estate since 2005. Together with him, he brought along a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with his client. His strong belief in a partnership and not the client made him successful in this career also.

Should you have any queries, relating to Jadescape, or other properties that are of your interest. Drop me a WhatsApp HERE. I will respond to you soonest possible.

Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident

Must My Spouse A Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent…

With many companies undergoing globalization, many Singapore citizens are traveling out of Singapore. Likewise, many foreign talents have also traveled into Singapore to work due to the skill set requirements.

With the movement of people between countries along with the improvement of technology, communication is no longer limited to IDD calls and emails. We now have better tools such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, LINE, and more, hence bringing people from different parts of the world together, and potentially becoming a couple.

As a couple going into the next stage of life, they would have to settle down in one of the 2 countries. Should they decide to settle down in Singapore, several options that they would have to consider in terms of housing would be; to rent a flat, buy a HDB flat, or buy a private property.

What options are present to the couple


Renting an apartment is the fastest option. They just have to find a place that is suitable, spell out their requirements to the landlord and they are able to move in and stay for the next 2 years. Approaching the end of a 2-year lease, they can decide to continue staying by negotiating with the landlord on the terms or move to another rented unit and continue for another 2 years.

The risk for the above is that should the landlord decide to sell the flat, a relationship with the new landlord needs to be re-established, and should they private property that they have rented, undergone an Enbloc process, they would be forced to move out. There is too much uncertainty.

Most importantly, the couple is helping to service the mortgage of the landlord property, which they are entitled to purchase a HDB flat.

Buying from HDB Resales Market

Since your spouse is neither a Singapore Citizen nor a Singapore Permanent Resident, you are entitled to purchase a HDB flat from the open market as you have never taken any grant or purchased a BTO flat from HDB. You may exercise your citizen entitlement, to obtain a grant from CPF.

Buying Private Condominium

You will be entitled to purchase from both the open market or the new launch of a private condominium. With this, there is no grant from CPF and/or HDB although you are a Singapore Citizen. You will be purchasing the market price on those units sold.

Buying Landed Property

You will be entitled to purchase landed property in Singapore. As the landed property is classified as private property, there isn’t any grant made available for the purchase.

What Options the Couple DOES NOT HAVE

Buying BTO

As the HDB Flat is purchase under the Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme, this scheme does not allow the non-citizen to purchase a BTO flat directly from HDB.

Buying Brand New Executive Condominium

The couple is not entitled to purchase a brand new Executive Condominium. However, they are allowed to purchase from the open market, an existing Executive Condominium that is over 10 years of age. The Executive Condominium, at this age, will be treated as private property.

What Benefits Do I get

For the purchase of HDB from the resales market, you will be entitled to the grant for the purchase. The following are the type of grants made available to the non-citizen spouse scheme:

Enhance Housing Grant

Depending on your monthly household income. The Enhance Housing Grant (EHG) is between $2,500 to $40,000. This amount was determined through an average of the past 12 months period.

Enhance Housing Grant

First Timer Grant

Being a first-timer buying a HDB flat, you are entitled to have your first-timer grant amounting to S$ 25,000 if you are purchasing a 2 to 4 room HDB Flat. However, in the event that you purchase a HDB flat from the open market that is 5-room and above, your total first timer grant is only $20,000.

Buying Selling HDB Flat

Proximity Grant

Should you decide to stay near your parents, there will be an additional proximity housing grant awarded to you. As your spouse is yet to be a Singapore Citizen, your entitlement will amount up to $10,000. But should you decide to stay with your parent, there will be an additional $5,000, leading the total grant amount to be $15,000

In addition, the distance between the flat you are buying and your parent flat has increased from earlier 2KM to 4KM. This gives you a wider range when it comes to selection in buying resales HDB Flat.

Another key requirement to obtain the grant is that the remaining lease of the purchased flat has to be 20 years or more.

What happens if my spouse is not Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident

Items to be Cautious

Payment of Resales Levy

All Singapore Citizen are entitled to 2 subsidized flats. In the event that you exercise your right to purchase the second subsidized flat, you will have to pay a resales levy for the earlier flat upon selling.

The positive side of this is that since you are getting only half the grant as a single Singapore Citizen marrying a non-citizen spouse, your resales levy will be half of the total levy.

Offset of down payment

Although you are entitled to the grant, the grant amount cannot be used to offset the down payment for the purchase of a flat. Should you require to have a down payment of 25%, this amount will still need to be paid, through CPF OA account or CASH.

Case Study

Recently, I assisted a newly wed couple in purchasing a resales HDB flat. Mr. Wong, which is the husband has married Ms. Zhang, a Chinese nationality early this year. They have been viewing many units of flat but was not able to commit on any due to their budget constraint.

Mr. and Mrs. Wong, age 30 and 32 respectively with a combined household income of $1,750 per month, was unable to purchase anything that is bigger than 3 room flat. Understanding his constraint, I worked with a banker, to ensure he got his loan approved.

At the same time, I suggested for them to purchase a 3S flat near his parent house. The purchase price of the unit was not higher than $250,000. This has given them limited options to select from, but it is not impossible. Through weeks of sourcing, they have managed to shortlist a unit near their parent in Circuit Road at a price of $250,000.

With the purchase price of $ 250,000 and his monthly income of $1,750 per month. He has obtained the grant with the following:-
First Timer Grant : $ 25,000
Enhance Housing Grant: $30,000
Proximity Grant : $10,000
The total grant obtained after the purchase was: $65,000. With his OA amount of $35,000 and cash $ 20,000
His total loan required will be $ 130,000 over 30 years of the repayment term. A monthly repayment amount that is affordable.


Although the marriage between yourself and the non-citizen spouse does form a family nucleus due to the fact that the spouse is yet to be a Singapore Citizen, the grant entitled amount will be at half the actual. Nonetheless, the spouse can request to top up when their Singapore citizenship is obtained. This will allow the top-up of the grant. The reverse is true, when it comes to payment of resales levy, the full amount will be payable in this case.

I will suggest that since you have obtained the half single grant and if it is financially affordable, to do an upgrade to private after the MOP period. This allows you to have more choices when deciding what to do after the upgrade.

If you are unclear. Do contact me at +65 90107188 or via WhatsApp here. I am most honored to share with you any concern you have and how can you move forward with a lower impact on the accrued interest.

Buy Sell Renting of your property

Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in real estate since 2005. Together with him, he brought along a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with his client. His strong belief in a partnership and not the client made him successful in this career also.

Should you have any queries, relating to HDB. Be it Buying, Selling or consider to rent your HDB after staying for over 5 years. , or other properties that are of your interest to upgrade or invest. Drop me a WhatsApp HERE. I will respond to you soonest possible.


在危机中投资 - 新型冠状病毒

很多时候, 我们都会听到人家在说。 危机就是商机, 有了商机就有利润。 可是, 我们怎么就没有遇见好的商机呢。 原因很简单。 我们习惯了稳扎稳打。 可是, 投资回报可不是稳扎稳打的。 危机跟回报是相对的。 危险性高, 回报利润就高。以一个投资者,我们能够做的就是风险维持在我们可以控制范围里面




在市场上, 比较普片的投资就属股票, 黄金和房地产了。以我个人分析, 在三个投资选择里, 股票投资通常被称为“高风险”。 投资股票的主要风险是可能导致资本损失。 股票的走向, 也是您无法控制的。 比方, 突发事件或公司内部的不利发展, 很可能会严重影响股价和您的投资组合的价值。


对于黄金投资, 尽管黄金与股市有反比关系,但股票市场也与黄金有着深远的联系。 在股市严重下滑的情况下,投资者通常将黄金视为避风港。 据推测,当我们遇到全球市场下跌时,股票和货币就会下跌。 一些投资变得不那么理想,投资者认为黄金会给他们提供喘息的空间。 但是,这并非总是如此,投资者可能会被烧死。


投资在房地产, 在三个选项里面, 我觉得它的风险是相对比较低的。 由于它是有形资产,因此有可能影响您的回报因素, 可能就是, 市场走动, 自然灾害,火灾,租户破坏,抢劫或故意破坏。



新加坡总面积就721.5平方公里。 2019 年的总人口为五百七十万。 其中, 有一百六十八万人口是非公民。 也就是说, 有三成的人口是租客。
预计在2030, 人口会达到六百九十万。以三成为基础, 等非公民 人数会到达两百零七万。 那么,对租屋的要求, 也会顺着提高。


新加坡具有拥有一个民主制度的稳定政治结构,它也拥有了一个完善司法体系以及良好的治理实践。土地虽然不大, 可是它有一个强大国家的内部机构。 这使新加坡的商业环境,在全球投资者眼里有着很大吸引力。


尽管新加坡国内市场狭小且缺乏自然资源,新加坡还是成功度过了1997年和2008年的金融危机。如今,新加坡是世界上最稳定的经济国之一。 它没有外债,政府收入高, 始终如一的正盈余。



经过六个月的辛苦战斗, 疫情在新加坡已经开始“接近尾声“了。 大家都开始活动起来。 生意也渐渐开始营业。 虽然,欧洲一些国国, 还有美国还在努力抗争。 这次的新型冠状病毒,对很多资产来说,是最好的考验。当疫情过去以后,那些更具有投资价值的资产,会更发光发亮。 这个, 不止限制在新加坡。 哪一个国家都会一样。

由于新冠病毒肆虐全球,各国的房地产市场也会随着疫情, 为之波动!随着恐慌心态的加剧,每个国家的楼市都会出现不同程度的停滞甚至倒退。

值得一提的是,疫情当下,你会发现新加坡房价与人气并没有因为疫情而受到影响。 相反的, 虽然有点波动, 不过还是依然屹立不倒。 市场是有一些波动, 不过整个房产市场还蛮稳定的。



以现在私宅市场的销售数据显示。新加坡的房地产是禁得起考验。 这场新型冠状病毒疫情虽然严重,却挡不住投资者以及买主的热情。

到底是什么因素, 能够导致新加坡房地产能够维持着那么凌厉走势呢?


正如我之前分享的那样,由于土地面积有限,新加坡对房地产的需求很高。 为了达到到2030年将新加坡人口增加到700万的目标,当地投资者正在积极利用这种市场疲软的机会进行投资。

投资 低利率


新加坡房屋贷款利息, 一直维持在低过2%。 这个低利率, 确保房子买主和投资者能够应付贷款的偿还数额。


自新型冠状病毒疫情开始以来,新加坡政府已提出大量国家储备,以支持新加坡公民和在新加坡运营的公司。 这是为了确保裁员率保持较低。

新加坡房地产具有很强的韧性。自2010年以来,新加坡政府经过多次房地产的降温措施,以舒缓房地产泡沫破灭。 这些措施也同时舒缓金融危机对经济的冲刺。 为买主和投资者创造出一个良好发展的新加坡房地产方向。

Buying Selling Renting HDB

Should You Buy HDB That Is Over 40 Years…

Since 1960, HDB was formed to provide public housing. Over the years, it has played a huge part in providing majority of the Singapore citizens with a roof over their heads.

Buying Selling HDB Property

To date, there are about 70,000 HDB flats that have passed the mid-age of the property. These households will be facing the expiry of the lease in about 50 years’ time. Once these properties have reached 99 years of lease, it will be returned to HDB. This has yet to happen, and many would say that 50 years is still a long way to go.

However, given that the current flat that they are living in has already passed 40 years, 50 years is not too far from today.

Should I be buying these HDB Flats?

In many situations, there is no fixed and hard rules to that. There are always 2 side of coin and let’s discuss it.

Is the older HDB flat cheaper?

Buying Selling HDB Property
Source Data : HDB Website

Generally, the older flat, especially those that are over 40 years of age are worth lesser. This is because the amount of “effective age” of the property is lesser.

Taking a 4 Room flat in Bukit Merah for example. In June 2019, the flat with a remaining of 58 years (Lease commence in 1978) was sold at $451,000. During the same time, the flat with a remaining of 85 years (lease commence in 2005) was sold at $750,000.

Although the value of older HDB flat is lower, this also makes the older flat more affordable. This would allow buyers with a limitation in budget to more easily own a flat.

Loan Availability

CPF has revised the ruling in May 2019, with the revision being, as long as the remaining lease of the flat is able to cover the youngest buyer up to the age of 95, they would be eligible to obtain a loan from HDB, capping at 90% of the Loan-To-Value(LTV). This has overwritten the flat of fewer than 60 years of lease left.

The retirement age of Singapore citizens is 65 now, there is a gap of 30 years to the loan duration. The ability to service the loan past 65 years of age, can be challenging for some.

Although the age for retirement is stated at 65, there are organisations who would not renew employment of staff once they have passed 62 years of age. This extends the 30 years by 10%, making it 33 years.

Is Older HDB Flat Bigger?

The HDB Flat that was built in the 90s were of 100 to 110 sq meters in size, compared to the newly built BTO flats today that ranges between 90 sq meters to 100 sq meters in size.

Unless you are comparing flats that were built in the 70s or 80s, if not, the size of the flat is comparable in the past 20 years. 4 Room flats, for example, ranging around 100 sq meters with 10% torrent.

Buying Selling Renting your property


As the name mentions, it is over 40 years of age. The design of the HDB flat would be old. However, in the aspect of design, there are two different perspectives that we can view it from; Internal and external.

Internal refers to as the design within the flat. The old look may not apply too much here, as the design inside the flat can be determined by you and it can be done up during a renovation process.

As for external, I do agree that the design for older HDB flat is the best during the time of built. Now, looking back, the design is not as modern as it is.

Buying Selling HDB Property

Higher Maintenance Overhead

Anything that has aged, it will require a have a higher maintenance overhead. Regardless of whether it is property, cars or machinery, etc…

Yes, the old property does require more maintenance efforts, and in many cases, the cost of maintenance is high.

For external maintenance issues. it would be resolved by the Town Council and the cost is from the Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC). This amount is paid monthly by the HDB owner.

Internal maintenance would usually be fully covered by the owner. However, there are exceptions where I have personally encountered when my client seek my advice.

Case Study

My client has shifted into the purchase property 2 years ago. the age of the flat has past 34 years old. For those flat, that was built during the 80s. The rubbish chute is still accessible from inside the flat.

during the regular washing of the chute, which is done by the town council. Water starts to seep into the flat. I have assisted them to report the case to Town Council and they responded quickly with some professional.

Within a week, the vendor awarded by Town Council came by the flat and got it repaired. It was a massive work, whereby they will drill holes on the wall and insert some chemical into the wall to fill the gap.

The repair cost was pick-up by Town Council, the reason being that. The chute is common property and it is part of the S&CC cost.

SERS program

Buying Selling Renting your property

Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme(SERS) is an Enbloc program for HDB flats.

When blocks of HDBs reach a certain age, the government will selectively repurchase these flats from the current flat owners. The owners will, therefore, be given an opportunity to select and shift to a new HDB flat with a fresh 99 years lease.

As shared, the block that is undergoing the SERS program is selective. NOT all HDB flats that have reached a certain age will automatically be entitled to the Enbloc.

Better Amenities

Being an old flat means the estate is more established and amenities are more convenient with better accessibility.

There are established MRT and Bus networks, with malls built nearby that are normally quite vibrant, with schools nearby.

Sometimes, if those above do not happen. Gentrification will be done in these estates to replace older amenities with a more modern style. In most of the older estates, the covered walkways are built to be more handicapped friendly as older estates tend to have a higher aged population and this ensures that their daily lifestyles are being well taken care of.

Buying Selling Renting your property

Alternative Plan Required

Should you decide to stay for long in the flat that past 40 years of age. You might need to have plan B. Reason being that the 99 years of the lease may not last you till the end.

Assuming you bought the 42-year-old HDB flat, leaving behind 58 years of stay technically to reach the end of the lease of 99 years. But, the preparation of the end of the lease for the land will happen at maybe 5 to 10 years before the 99 years.

This leaves you with only 50 years to stay in that flat. If you bought the flat when you are 28 and at the age of 78. You would be stressing over having a roof over your head.

Should the situation worsen, you would be at the age of retirement, where you could potentially have insufficient funds to purchase a new HDB flat.

As I have shared earlier, the price of the old HDB flats reduces as time goes by. Selling your old HDB flat, which is already 90 years of age, is not going to happen. I don’t think anyone will be keen on buying a flat that left with only 10 years of the lease, if not shorter.

Assuming you are lucky to have sold the unit, the amount of money returning back to CPF would not be able to cover the withdrawal amount, including the accrued interest.

Should you buy a flat that past 40 years of age

They are a list of pros in getting an old HDB flat. Such as the size of flat, amenities, lower price, near to parent, and more. But in the long run, the value of the flat is not on the upswing and it might pose as a bigger challenge should you decide to upgrade.

The list of cons is equally long. Some of the cons include the resales value of the flat, the affordability when it comes to upgrading, old age shifting of flat.

In the end, it goes down to the affordability. If you are a first-time buyer and financially sound, do consider purchasing a newer HDB flat. Those that are of 15 years and lesser, and potentially upgrading to private property after fulfilling the MOP of the property, this being that the property is of some value after your MOP and that path supports your upgrade. A CPF housing grant is also made available for you should you be a first-time buyer of an HDB.

If you still concern about the purchase of older HDB flat or any other queries you might have in relation to an HDB flat,
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Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in real estate since 2005. Together with him, he brought along a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with his client. His strong belief in a partnership and not the client made him successful in this career.

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Should I Sell My HDB After Upgrading To Condo?

Should I Sell My HDB While I Am Upgrade To Condo?

As time moves on, you have built your financials to be able to upgrade from your existing HDB. There are some questions that you would be asking yourself, such as; Should I upgrade? What should I upgrade to? Where would be a good location?

These questions can be answered easily as it is very much how you feel. You would be able to address those queries, as long as you are comfortable both with financially and with the location. However, the question that sits between the current and future financial is, should I sell my HDB after upgrading?

There are few things that you should take into consideration, before making that decision that I will be sharing with you.

How Much Interest Would I be Paying

As this is your first HDB Flat, you would have taken up a HDB loan. You will also have received a grant from CPF Housing grant. You are using your CPF to repay your loan.

Buying Selling upgrading from HDB to private condo.

Assuming that you bought a 4 Room HDB flat in Bukit Merah in 2010 at $500,000. You would have taken a loan of $350,000. As of today, you have serviced your $350,000 loan for 10 years. The interest rate you paid is at 2.6%. How much of your accrued interest has been paid?

Buying Selling upgrading from HDB to private condo.
Data obtain from

From the chart above, you have paid a Cumulative accrued interest of $82,363.75. If your flat is sold now at the current market value (Q1 2020) of $652,000, $432,363.75 would be credited back to your CPF, and your potential cash proceed would be $219,636.25.

Should you decide to hold your property. Your total accused interest paid would be $183,429.95 upon completion of the 35 year loan. In addition to your principle of $350,000. The total amount returning to CPF at the end of 35 years will be $533,429.95. About $100,000 more than what it is today.

To achieve the $219,636.25 of cash proceeds. Your flat needs to be sold at $753,000 25 years later at $753,000. However, this figure may not be possible at that time due to the following reasons stated below.

Tax Payable When Buying Your Condominium

As you have decided to rent your HDB instead of selling it. You would be required to pay Additional Buyer Stamps Duty (ABSD) on the condominium that you have purchased, and should you be a Singapore Citizen, you would be required to pay 12% of your Condominium purchase price.

Looking at a property that is a unit with 3 bedrooms at Queens Peak, which is going at $1,800,000, the ABSD of 12% would be a cash payout of $216,000. This amount would almost be equivalent to the cash proceeds from previously selling your 4 room flat.

Total Loan Amount

To be entitled to a loan for your newly purchased Condo, you would have to

Buying Selling upgrading from HDB to private condo.

Total Debt Service Ratio(TDSR)

The Total Debt Service Ratio is a framework by the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS), which aims to safeguard the borrower, whom in this case is the property owner, from over-borrowing.

This is computed based on the percentage of the monthly gross income of the purchaser, to ensure the ability of repayment

Loan To Value(LTV)

If your current HDB has a loan that is still running, you would be limited by the Loan To Value(LTV), hence, your total loan amount would be 45% of the total property value. In addition, you will be required to have cash on hand for 25% of the property value as down payment.

Should you decide to buy-up your current HDB Loan, it will be your second property, and hence your LTV would be capped at 75% of the property value, and the cash on hand required for down payment would be 5% of the property value.

Putting Your HDB For Rental

You would want to put your HDB flat to good use after having to hold back the selling of your flat. Majority of the people would put the unit out for rental, as with that, you would become a property investor, collecting rental as a form of passive income.

Sound good? Yes. But, have you missed out anything?

Answer is : YES!

Before you collect the key to your new condominium, you will be required to pay the ABSD in CASH within 14 Days after the agreement of the purchase has been signed.

Upon receiving the keys to your new Condominium. Before you are able to rent out your flat. You would have to refurnish the flat, ensuring that all necessities are in a working and presentable condition. Along with fulfilling the requests of the tenant for necessities such as beds, a television, and a washing machine, just to name a few. Depending on the condition of your flat. The amount required for refurnishing might cost you up to a few thousand dollars, even before the flat has been rented out.

Upon successful rental of your flat, the amount of rental collected would be taxable at the end of the year. This amount would be on top of your regular taxable income. In addition to the tax payable, you would be required to pay a property tax, which is 10% of the Annual value of your flat.

Should the flat be rented out at a rental value of $2500 with a lease of 2 years, the total rental collected would be $60,000. With your loan repayment for your HDB flat that is estimated at $15,000 per year, in addition to the tax payable and repair works required, your profit per lease term of 24 months, potentially comes to $25,000.

Pricing Of The Older HDB Flat

The value of property depreciates with time. A HDB flat with a value of $652,000 now, would not remain the same in 10 years.

With reference to a point above, you would be fetching a potential cash proceed of $219,636.25 should you decide to sell your property now. With reference to the supporting chart shown below, the average transaction price of a 4 room HDB flat in Bukit Merah is $687,000, with the price increasing from 2007 to 2013, before stagnating after Q2 of 2013. This is due to the age of the flat.

Buying Selling upgrading from HDB to private condo.
Data Obtained from

Therefore, wanting to make $219,636.25 after having fully paid your loan 25 years later could pose as a challenge, as the price that you would have to sell your flat at would be $753,066.20

Expected Cash proceed : 219,636.25,
Principle Load amount : 350,000
CPF accrued Interest : 183,429.95

Buying Selling upgrading from HDB to private condo.

The rental amount of $312,500 collected over 25 years, with the assumption that the rental fee remains at $2500 per month, was not taken into consideration, as it has been used to offset the amount paid for ABSD

Below Is A Case Study For Your Reference:

Mr and Mrs Lim contacted me sometime back. They had some thought of upgrading from the existing HDB to a Condominium near Sengkang.

From the meeting with them, Mr. Lim gave me the understanding that they were staying in a 5 room flat in Sengkang. The flat has passed the MOP and they are planning to upgrade to a Condominium.

Without drilling into much detail, my initial recommendation to them was, not to hold the HDB flat. The purchase of second property will require them to pay for ABSD. The ABSD amount is going to be of an impact to them. Mr. and Mrs. Lim have also shared, that was the concern they had and wanted a second opinion from a professional realtor.

Moving on, I have also shared with them, the accrued interest from the CPF, which they were not aware of. I have therefore, done the computation as followed for them.

Purchase Price of Flat : 488,888
Loan Amount : 380,000
Outstanding Loan: 336,000
CPF Accrued Interest : 56,000

Expected Selling Price : 540,000
Potential Cash proceed : 100,000

I have also shared that should they want to keep the HDB, the ABSD for the new property priced at $1,500,000, would be $180,000. The potential cash proceed would not be able to cover that should they not sell the HDB flat

With that, Mr and Mrs Lim has taken my recommendation. They have put the HDB on market for sales, at the same time looking for the new condo. I have also shared on the timeline required for both buying and selling. So that they are able to move into the new place and same time, without incurring additional costs


Having shared the various figured on the holding on to a HDB flat and buying a Condominium. My recommendation would be, for them to sell their current HDB flat once it has reached the MOP or when you decide to upgrade. Holding a second property with the first being a HDB comes with a higher additional payable tax. Furthermore, there is no capital gain tax upon selling your HDB.

However, with that said, there are still options available should you want to become a property investor. You can still invested in two properties, without incurring high payable tax can be overcome. This can be done, as long as the properties you owned do not involve a HDB.

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Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in the real estate since 2005. Together with him, he brought along a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with all his client

As the world is moving into digital, there are still some “human touch” that must not be missed. Now, let’s ring me at +65 90107188 if you have any queries relating to real estate. I do understand you might be busy. Tap onto the following to WhatsApp me and i will respond to you

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Why You Should Buy A HDB Resales As Your…

Why You Should Buy A HDB Resales As Your First Property?

Getting married is one of the major milestones in life. During that process, you have thousand and zillion things to worry and get ready about. Such as

  • Preparation of wedding lunch / dinner
  • Going for photo shoot
  • List of guest to be invited
  • Discussion with both parents on wedding detail
  • Where to go for honeymoon
  • Budget for all expenses
  • and more.. and more… and more…
Buying selling of HDB property

By the way, have you missed out on the most important thing? Where are you going to stay? What option you have? You have either HDB or EC to choose from.

Being a Singapore Citizen, be it both of you or either one. I will strongly recommend you to purchase an HDB flat for the start.

As we are all aware, HDB flats are public housing for all Singapore Citizens. These flats are generally more affordable. In addition, there are CPF housing grants made available for first-time purchasers, in turn making it more attractive.

What are the choices you have under the HDB flat of selection

  • Buying directly from HDB, a BTO (Build To Order) flat. which is NEW
  • Buying from the resales market which age of flat is minimum 5 years

Let’s compare between BTO and Resale

Age of flat

A BTO flat as it is new, the age of flat is very much an infant, whereby we have a long runway of the lease.

As for resale, you potentially be getting a flat that is older than 5 years old.


BTO, normally are in the newer estate. In those estates, the amenities and accessibility are not that well established. Not that they don’t have it, just is yet to be completed

I recalled my uncle moved into Tampines when it was newly developed, it has the bare minimum amenities, but look at what it is today!

As for resale, you can pick anywhere within Singapore. In fact, you decide where you want your flat to be. You can prioritize base on the following:-

  • Amenities
  • MRT
  • Mall
  • School
  • etc…

Investment to the property

For BTO flat, you are potentially looking at a lower gross purchase price as compare to resales.

One of the key reason is, HDB do take into account the different location and attributes when setting the selling price of the new flat.

As for resales, seller’s call for the price they want. But that does not mean, they will get it. The flat will still be going at the fair market value, as there is a valuation process involved during the whole purchase process.

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CPF Housing Grants

Since the above topic is about the gross price of both BTO and resales flat. Let share with you, what are the grant available with both the option.

To ensure affordability, CPF has come out with various grant for both the BTO and resale market

For BTO, you can apply for Enhanced Housing Grant, which amount to a maximum of S$ 80,000 depending on your household income

As for resale, in addition to the Enhanced Housing Grant, you will be eligible for Family Grant, Proximity Housing Grant. All amounting to a maximum of S$ 160,000 depending on your household income


For BTO, the location is kind of limited. It is mainly located in new estates. The new estate is normally not very well developed and accessibility is yet to be as convenient. These will be matured over time

From time to time, HDB does offer blocks of flat in a mature estate. To be able to get it through balloting, it is really like striking TOTO. As they are normally oversubscribed

As for resale flat, you can potentially get a unit in the location you wanted. There is a very high possibility that there will be someone selling their flat in almost all estates.

The choice location gives you the flexibility to stay near your parents. You will able to “tag” onto the convenience. For example, your newborn child can be well taken care of by your parents as grandparents are usually most happy to do so.

Timeline Required

Buying a BTO flat. The procedure is, wait for the release of news from HDB, go for balloting (which is many times. This is an iteration process, not knowing when you will get it). After which, pay and wait.

By the time you see your block of flat above ground, it is easily 2 to 3 years later. When you get the key to you flat. It is potentially 5 years if not longer from the day you have successfully ballot your unit.

As for the purchase of resale flat, even if you are very fussy over the flat that you wanted. I am quite sure you will be able to find something within a year. This made the plan must more predictable.


For BTO flats, it comes bear which you will need to put in air con, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe to make it a home.

As for resale, chances are quiet high that you can find something that require minimum renovation.

Therefore, the investment to the renovation for BTO potentially higher as the unit comes bear as compared to resale.

Size of flat

In many situations, the size of flat was being overlooked. This flat size may not be critical during the initial stay, but will turn out to be a limitation over time.

Flats in the resales market tends to be bigger than BTO flats. The difference in sizes of the same model of flat depends on the age of the flat. Example of 4 Room flat have the following sizes

Type of FlatSize of FlatLease Commencement
4A in Tampines107 sq meter1995
4A in Sengkang96 sq meter2010
4A in Sengkang92 sq meter 2015

Future market value

As I shared earlier, BTO are normally in the newer estate and to have an estate totally established over 5 years. This is impossible.

Once you flat reached 5 years, which is the MOP duration. You might be considering selling and upgrading. Your flat can be fetching a higher price than when you buy as the flat is relatively new. This is truth is you are comparing both flats within the same estate. Example, your flat is in Sengkang and you are comparing again those earlier flat in the same estate.

But, if you are buying from the resales market in the mature estate. the numbers can be very different. You might also be fetching a price higher than what you have purchased. In additional, those CPF grants that you have benefited.

More importantly, the interested buyer can be more. The same as, when you first started sourcing for your first flat. This give you a upper hand in selling your property in shorter time.

As in all marketing, any product that is over exposed in the market will directly / indirectly impact the value.

That means, the selling process can be much easier and you are able to have your flat upgraded and better control of your cash flow.


With the above sharing. you will understand, both BTO and resale have their respective Pros and Cons.

To show a simpler breakdown, the benefit of BTO will be

  • Age of Flat – Brand new
  • Lower investment of Property

As for resale flat, the number of benefits, be it tangible or intangible is much higher than what BTO is providing. Some of the key benefits are

  • Amenities
  • Location
  • Timeline
  • Size of flat
  • Future market value

In real estate, we have this saying, which is,

You can do what you want within the flat you own, but you can’t move the MRT to your doorstep. Neither you can move your flat to be on the side of a mall.

For many newly wed couple like yourself, the current HDB flat you are buying, may be temporary . In long run, you might be considering upgrading after staying for 5 years. What is your value of your HDB comes post MOP? What option I have after my MOP? How can I move forward after MOP?

Lewis Tee

Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in the real estate since 2005, with him joining, he has brought along with him, was a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with all his client

As the world is moving into digital, there are still some “human touch” that must not be missed. Now, let’s ring me at +65 90107188 if you have any queries relating to real estate. I do understand you might be busy. Tap onto the following to WhatsApp me and i will respond to you

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