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Who Should Do Mortgage Refinancing?

Who Should Do Mortgage Refinancing?

For many Singaporeans, the flat we purchase usually does not belong to us for several years, the reason behind that being that we put our purchased flat on a mortgage, where we then do our monthly repayment to the mortgage.

The situation worsens if you are repaying through your Central Provident Fund(CPF), which many of us are doing. Why is it worst off? Without realizing, you are paying double the interest rate, as one interest goes to the mortgagee, and at the same time, you are also paying interest to CPF for withdrawal amount. If you check on your CPF account, you would realize after years of repayment that you will have an “accrued interest”.

Should I refinance My Mortgage?

For the refinancing to happen, your mortgage loan has to be from banks. Any loan from HDB does not entitle you to any refinancing. As long as you have fulfilled the criteria above, the answer to the refinancing is YES.

Refinancing With Lower Interest Rate

As the loan interest rate for Singapore property mortgage in packed onto the SIBOR rate, it is a good opportunity to look at the rate and decide when to do your refinancing of a mortgage.

Mortgage Refinancing?
Data Source from :

Historically, the rate is on the downtrend, which means that with the same loan amount, you are paying lower interest.

Lower Repayment Amount

There are a few factors that would have a direct impact on the monthly repayment amount of your loan.

Firstly, the interest rate. Since the SIBOR rate has decreased based on the chart above, the computation of your loan repayment amount will be based on the revised rate. The total payable amount will be lower than earlier over the same repayment duration.

Secondly, your loan principal has also decreased the past few years as you have started repaying your loan. With that lower principal loan amount, the computation to the repayment would also be lower.

Shorten Total Repayment Term

Normally, when we first start any mortgage loan, we would look for the longest repayment term possible. This ensures that we are paying within our comfortable ability.

Never have we realized that these “slow and steady” repayments lead to a higher interest rate paid. With the refinancing of your outstanding loan and a lower loan amount and interest rate, we can consider repaying with the same repayment amount in a shorter duration.

Unlock Equity Financing

Equity financing, is a way where you used your property as a form of collateral for a sum of cash. The cash amount is relative to the value of the property

For equity financing to happen, all financial institutions need to ensure the following criterias are met.


For equity financing to happen, the LTV for the homeowners must be kept at 75% of the property value. This includes the outstanding loan secure on the same private residential property

Tenure Capping on Loan

For the equity withdrawal, your tenure is limited to a maximum of 35 years

Total Debt Servicing Ratio(TSDR)

Total Debt Servicing Ratio(TSDR), is a framework from the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS). It serves to safeguard the borrower from being over-borrowing which may lead to repayment difficulty.

TDSR is calculated using the formula : (Borrower’s monthly debt obligations / Borrower’s monthly gross income) x 100%. This drives to a percentage of his entitlement to TDSR.

In this formula, there is an element, which is the monthly debts obligations. This includes all debt obligation such as the following, but not limited to:

  • Property-related loans, including the current loan being applied for.
  • Car loans.
  • Student loans.
  • Renovation loans.
  • Credit card loans.
  • Any other secured or unsecured loans, including revolving loans.

Consolidation of Debt

Other than the mortgage loan, many of the homeowners do have other repayments every month. In some cases, there are a handful of homeowners who are having high-interest rate debts, such as credit cards (In many cases, is at 24%) or other debts.

Consolidation of debt, in this case, enables these homeowners to use the refinancing opportunity. Using the home as collateral to cash out funds in repayment to those credit card debts. The rate through the use of equity financing is of a lower rate as compared to some of those other debts the owner may have.

If the purpose of refinancing is to do consolidation of debts. There may not be any savings, should you look at total debts in totality. The consolidation of debts is to help them to overcome the struggling monthly repayment.

In addition, the consolidation of debts can also allow them to better manage the process of repayment of their monthly bills. Without the consolidation, these homeowners may be very much overwhelmed by their numbers of bills to be managed. The amount to be paid every month.

Even if the number of outstanding bills are not worrying, it takes time and effort to do the payment for all bills. With that, some homeowners might want to take the simpler way of doing the repayment.

Refinancing gives me all the benefit?

However, as in all situations, there is a flip side. Although there are the above benefits, there are also cons in doing refinancing of your property.

Property being collateral

Being a homeowner, when you put your property on collateral during the refinancing. If you, being the mortgagor, are unable, or refuse to repay the monthly loan, the mortgagee, in this case, the financial institution, essentially owns the mortgagor’s property

Therefore, if equity financing is your consideration, I will strongly suggest you work on the affordability. The comfortable level of repayment duration and amount before execution. Should you have any unclear concerns, do consult a professional.


When you do equity financing to your property, you are like striking a 4D at that point in time. The main difference is, striking 4D does not require you to repay back but the refinancing requires you to do so.

Therefore, the mortgagee must be very sure of his/her purpose and intent of doing the equity refinancing. Some questions that may be asked are; What is the right amount you require? What is the repayment schedule and amount? Where is your source of funds to do the repayment?

Additional fee

The refinancing process is not just moving of blocks, and there will be parties involved in getting that done. To do so, there will be some fee payable.

Some of the required fees include legal fees. On average, it would cost around $3,000 just to complete the refinancing process. What you are paying is not limited to only the legal fees, and there are other fees payable by you such as property valuation fees, where a valuer is required to assess the value of your property to ensure that the worth of your property is of market value.

Although the interest rate is lower, there is a monthly saving, but do take note that there is a one-off payment required. These are some fees payable that you should take into consideration.

Before any decision, please speak to a mortgage broker. This would allow you to have a more detailed understanding, and would also give you a good understanding of how to crunch out all figures for you. If you are speaking to the financial institution broker, they can also help you with all the necessary paperwork if you are doing the refinancing through their financial institution.


Refinancing your mortgage required you to do some research beforehand. If you are not looking into doing equity financing during the refinancing of your mortgage, it will be very direct. As long the interest rate is low and the difference is able to recover your legal fee, it should be fine.

Should you want to do equity refinancing, there is more consideration on the Cons of the process. However, you may overcome these risks as the main risk to refinancing is the human factor. As long as you have the right aim and are well aware of the repayment amount and schedule, the risks are low and manageable.

There are many refinancing of mortgage available. Before talking to the mortgage broker, you may contact me for a discussion. I am neutral in the financing of your property. I am able to share with you an honest opinion.

At no obligations, I can be contacted at +65 90107188 or via WhatsApp here

Buying Selling Property Financial

Want to be a Property Investor

Buying Selling Property

Got this WhatsApp during one of the afternoons. My mind was running actively, running through my list of contact that was named Frank. Lucky, I have only 1 friend who’s name is Frank.

Quickly, I dial to him and the first statement out from me was
“Bro, you know someone by the name called Henry?”
Nice to get a positive reply from him and the closing statement to him was
“Thanks. Another day we meet for a drink. Will share with you, on how to be a property investor”

I responded to Henry SMS with a phone call. The dialog goes on and the key point is, he wanted to get a unit for investment. Without spending too much time on the phone, I fixed an appointment with him, on the next day evening at 8 PM in his place.

Arriving his place, 5 mins before 8 PM. It was a landed inter-terrace in D19.

The discussion starts off, with the plan he has in mind. I recalled that was sometime early 2012. Back then, the ABSD (Additional Buyer Stamp Duty) has just implemented on the 3rd property purchase on Singapore Citizen.

He wanted to invest in a property, looking for the potential of short term, rental collection, and long term, Enbloc. I have during the discussion, assist him with the following key consideration:-


What Type Of Property He Is Looking For

I share with him, the pros and cons of buying brand new, which yet to be TOP Vs the resales market. Since he is looking at investment and at the end, sell-through Enbloc and not staying. I have suggested him to buy resales. The transaction, after offering the unit takes less than 3 months. after which he is able to put the unit for rent and start collecting rental.

What Is The Budget He Willing To Invest?

Nothing was in his mind. I have, therefore, help him to walk through the step by step of the financial calculation. Taking into consideration of OA account, loan and monthly repayment amount. Base on his comfort level, the budget for the purchase has come out to be not higher than $600,000

What Is His Short And Long Term Expectation?

He is unsure of the duration, he was thinking to have it within 5 years but I shared that, let’s not firm the date of when the Enbloc can happen. It is very much an opportunity that comes along, with the support of everyone in the project he purchased. Let’s have your unit purchase and rented out. As long as the rental is able to cover your total cost, with some profit. Don’t rush to get the unit sold or Enbloc.


When To Have The Unit Purchased

I have suggested having the unit purchased ASAP. The cooling measure has implemented and if it does not drive to the expected outcome. There will be tightening the measure.

Buying Selling Property

Having to share with him, the few consideration. He has accepted with a bit of concern. Which is, “what if the unit is not rented out”. This concern, which I felt is valid, was overcome with location and expected rental.

During the discussion, I have also “blocked” his time-slot for the next 4 weekends, as his weekday timing is bad and he does not want to view at night.

On the 1st viewing, I have brought him to Bishan, which is near his place. We have viewed a couple of units but he wasn’t too keen. I have, therefore, shared with him, to consider West Coast. The reason given to him was.
The key education is there, such as NUS, Polytechnic.
There are industrial offices around.
There is no MRT line but, public transport is well established.
Ride to CBD was 15 mins away, from West Coast Highway

The viewing on the second week went on well. I have brought him to view units in Parc Regency, WestBay Condo, WestCove Condo. He has rejected all the 3 projects. But, I have managed to provide my view to him on the 3 projects viewed.

Parc Regency, the project is a bit too small. Which is only 20 units. But the upside is very near NUS, which we can potentially put on rental for oversea student
Westbay and WestCove Condo, These projects are of good size, over 200 units, and the developer might be keener in these. Also, Blue Horizon, which is across the street has just come up as a high rise building. There is good potential for the 2 to go Enbloc at a good price. Lastly, both the project was TOP in 2000. It has already past 10 years. The resident in there will start to consider Enbloc-ing it. That brings his long term plan potentially shorter.

Buying Selling Property

I have strongly recommended him to consider either Westbay or Westcove. We viewed 2 units in Westbay condo, which wasn’t too bad of condition also. You can rent it immediately after completion. The returns on the investment of this property start from that day.

Having taken my suggestion. He went ahead to offer one of the 2 bedroom units at Westbay Condo, the following week after viewing.

The purchase went through smoothly and the units were on rental late 2012. I have been since he took over the unit, done the rental for him. The unit has just rented out in Dec 2019, to a corporate lease.

Westbay has gone through a discussion with Enbloc in 2019 but the Enbloc was not successful. Should the Enbloc go through, with the current Site area of 236,806 sq ft and a plot ratio of 1.8. Technically, the revised build-up space can come to 426,250 sq ft. With the unit you owned, which is 936 sq ft. Your potential profit above $200,000 after less off your CPF accrued Interest.

Buying Selling investment

Nevertheless, I foresee the condo to go for Enbloc is still positive. Let’s wait for the next wave and in the meantime, continue to rent is as the current demand is still good.

The advise I have given to him on the purchase of Westbay condo became a ice breaker. Now, I am more the property partner to him rather than a real estate agent.

I just met him over CNY. I was asking him, to consider doing some financial restructuring on his properties. With the revised interest rate, it might be more worth the effort to do that.

About Lewis

Lewis Tee

Lewis Tee joined the family of Orange Tee & Tie in 2020 as an Associate Deputy Group Director. He has been in real estate trade since 2005 assisting many properties owner in fulfilling their dream home.

His strong belief is, there is no buyer, selling, landlord, or tenant. They are all partners, and this is his top priority. To ensure partners’ concerns are addressed.

As the topic may not cover every single detail. Should you have any queries. Do feel free to contact me at +65 90107188 or WhatsApp me.

It is my pleasure to walk through your concern and address it accordingly.

Covid affecting real estate property National Discussion

What will the future of real estate be POST…

What Will The Future Of Real Estate Be POST CoVid-19?

CoVid-19 pandemic, a term that has induced fear in people since the beginning of the year 2020. They have been an increase in the number of both infected patients and deaths. people are all grounded at home, people are working from home, and more… … …

No one knows, when this will be over as WHO (World Health Organization) warned on 13th May 2020 that, “The New Coronavirus may never go away”

Buying Selling Property
Source: Channel News Asia website

Despite the fears that are present, we have no control over the departure of the Coronavirus, instead, we would have to adjust and adapt to the new lifestyle. What are the potential changes we would face and the impact, especially on the real estate market?

What Are The Changes During Covid-19

Shopping from HOME

Buy, Sell and rent. Property wealth planning

BEFORE COVID-19: Doing shopping from the mobile phone, seems to be the things that people from Gen Y and after has been doing for a long time. As for people from Gen X and before, buying things online is more leisure then necessity

DURING COVID-19: this is no longer the truth. Many of the older generations start to go online to get items that vary from basic necessities such as groceries to other non-essential items.


BEFORE COVID-19: People going to the Gym to have their workout. Going to the stadium for their daily runs and more.

DURING COVID-19: People are doing exercise from home, in front of the TV via YouTube, etc… … …


BEFORE COVID-19: Internet lagging is fine, I have my mobile data plan

DURING COVID-19: I can’t take it anymore. The Internet is far too slow

Home Base learning

BEFORE COVID-19: Students are rushing to school every morning, with parents busy preparing their child and sending them to school.

DURING COVID-19: Children are staying at home, facing the computer to attend their lessons, and doing homework via the Internet Portal.

Working From Home

BEFORE COVID-19: Parents rushing to work after sending children to school, grabbing breakfast while on the way to work,

DURING COVID-19: Sitting in front of the computer, replying to emails while having breakfast.

I believe there are more things that have changed over the past few months. We have accepted and started living with the change. However, how has this change impacted me?

A recent survey has been done on 28th April 2020, over 2700 employees show that most employees are keen to continue working from home even after the Covid-19 circuit breaker.

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Source data : Strait Time

What is the Impact Due to CoVid-19

CoVid-19 has had a huge impact on the financial sector, however, to what degree is the damage? There is no clear timeline as to how long this pandemic will last.

The direct victim of the impact would be Labour, Business owners, and Revenue


Organizations are being “forced” to have employees working from home. As we know, the operation of an organization is dependent on humans. Humans contribute to the functioning of the organization leading to revenue generated.

This switch in the labor pattern can potentially lead the company towards something that is known as a Gig Economy.

Those organizations that are heavily involved in the Gig Economy before CoVid-19 include

Food Delivery – Grabfood, foodpanda, Deliveroo and etc… … …
Online shopping – Fairprice Online, redmart, SingPost and etc… … …
Transport System – Grab, Gojek

During the WHM (work from home) model. Many companies are also put into a situation where they have to readjust their operating model, identifying what is working and what is not.

Thus, this leads to an increase in the unemployment rate. Those retrenched employees, in-turn, switch to providing services in the Gig Economy.

Business Owner

In the earlier paragraph, I shared that companies re-look into the operating model, slicing off extra resources to ensure the organization works with the leanest resources delivering the utmost results.

These company are also seriously looking into using technology to help deliver higher productivity. The aim is to achieve, the same Return of investment if not, lower investment.

There is a sharp increase in the use of cloud-based Collaborative Tools. Tools such as Zoom, Skype, video conferencing(VC) solutions are being used, to replace the regular meetings that happen in any organization. Cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. is being used to fulfill their document transfers.

Employees that are unable to keep up to the paced will be dropped off. These groups will end up becoming unemployed staff.

With the use of those technologies, companies have successfully transferred their CapEx. Which is a large upfront investment to OpEx, which is a running cost model. This gives the business owner, a better sense of cash flow control.


With the infecting of Covid-19, there has been a significant decrease in sales across all industries, with the decrease in sales in some industries, going up to as high as 75%. With that drop in sales, all companies would be looking at ways to reduce costs to ensure sustainability.

Some considerations would be a reduction in rental space, closures of any non-profiting outlets, pay cuts, etc… .. …

What is the Impact on Real Estate

Real Estate, in many situations, is a very unique class on its own. Although it is impacted by the global/local economy, it may not be relative. Sometimes, the impact can be reversed.

In Real Estate, you have the traditional stuff like office, retail, residential, and industrials, that are available for you to invest or “trade”. However, is now the right time to invest in those spaces?


With the earlier survey taken, as employees preferred to be working from home, employers do not require the same amount of office space, hence, there could potentially be an oversupply of office spaces in Singapore after CoVid-19.

They might be looking at downsizing the current spatial requirements to reduce rental investment, which would lead to a lowering of operating expenses.

Buying Selling Property
Data source : URA website

Office space rentals decreased by 0.8% in Q1 2020, as compared to a 3.2% decrease in Q4 2019.

Buying Selling Property
Data source : URA website

Prices for the sales of office space has also decreased by 4.0% in Q1 2020. As it compared with the 0.5% decrease in the Q4 2019


Covid-19 has changed the shopping culture of most people. Online shopping became part of our lifestyle. Ordered items will be delivered to our doorstep.

The space required for retail will potentially drop and there might also be a potential decrease in the number of people visiting the mall.

With the drop in requirement of retail space. The landlord will potentially switch those retail space to an F&B space, with a smaller footprint.


As real estate events are now classified as non-essential services, the regular viewing process cannot take place. Many buyers and tenants are not willing to commit without being able to view the units

Thanks to Technology today, buyers are now able to view the potential units online and still commit to their interested units. It goes the same for the tenant, where they can have a sense of the internal layout and offer an LOI (Letter of Intent) to the landlord.

Seeing what technology has done to assist in the buying and renting process, the residential property is still on the move. It is not going as fast or as smoothly as it was before CoVid-19, but for sure, it is not still.

Therefore, as everyone needs a roof over their head, be it local citizens, or expatriate that has come from other countries, the requirement for residential property is still a demand. The transaction is still happening, although it is slow, it’s never still.


Like Office and Retail spaces, industrial spaces are also challenging for now and even after Covid-19. office spaces are still required by the organization. But, the upside of industrial is, it is better than Retail and office space

Why my opinion is so, the reason being that industrial is kind of hard to “downsize” or switch. For example, a car repair workshop requires that space for the repair of cars. The space required must minimally be able to fit the car into the workshop.

Another example is, heavy industrial dealing with stainless steel requires a minimum size so as to have their machinery in-place to do the job. As long as they are operational, they will require that working space.


In Conclusion, real estate in Singapore will never die. With that limited land area of 721.5 KM square. We will be housing, to-date close to 5.7 million people. Singapore is looking into having 6.9 million in population in 2030, 10 years from now.

Therefore, that incremental of 1 million population will have to “stay” somewhere. Therefore, as I have shared above, residential can go slow but it will never die.

Property investment into residential property is still showing good prospects as a rental will still be of demand. 1 million population in 10 years will not be through organic growth, a big portion it will have to be migrated in.

Buying Selling Property Financial



在房地产行业的这些年里,我接触过很多人。 他们或多或少都有想过, 进行房地产投资。可是, 当他们跟别人谈起这事, 许多人都会说,如果你有过百万的资金, 还是你是含着金汤匙出生,有着一定富裕资金。 那么房地产投资对你就不是问题。 要不, 你就别想了。

他们将投资房地产想象为, 有钱人的游戏。 这个想法是错误的。
如何投资才会致富? 多少对我们来说,才算是富裕呢? 有钱的定义是多少? 这些数目字, 都是因人而异。



投资, 就是让你现有的资金,为你赚取更多的回报,从而实现财务目标。
投资跟银行存款来相比,投资有望带来更高的回报,但同时也带来了一定的风险。 就如人们都说, 风险搞, 回报利也高。


投资 - 投资就是你牺牲现有的现金流, 去换取更高的现金流。 投资的方法很多, 储蓄是其中一种最普遍的方式。可是,您是否认为只要有固定的月薪和储蓄就可以快速增长你的财富? 那个不是必然的。 实际上,它可能在你不注意的时候,让你亏了。 怎么说, 每年的通货膨胀率都在涨, 可是您的收入未必和膨胀率成为对比。它的涨幅可能比你的加薪高。

创业, 一种回报率蛮高的方式。 可是它需要的资源太大了。 人力, 物力, 经商以及管理常识, 产品, 服务还有种种的种种。 这个方式可能变为转业多过投资。

股票, 一个回报快, 利润高的方法。 可是, 这个平台,风险也随着提高。 由于股市的波动快。 你需要时间来观察并且盯着股市。

房地产, 一个数目很高的投资概念。 不过, 比起股市它比较稳当,以把现钱放在银行的回报率高。 最主要, 它很可能是风险最低的投资工具,因为房地产是真实产品, 它不会消失。 唯一会改变的是它的价值。

在你开始任何投资之前,您都需要确保自己具备必要的信息和知识。 比方说,
定期存款, 你需要知道它的利息多少。
投资股票, 你需要知道那一个股票, 回报率高, 不会被除名。
房地产, 哪一个地点好, 租金回报高

buying selling your property



对于普通投资者来说,房地产是发展大量财富的最佳途径。 就像其他形式的投资一样,最好尽早开始房地产投资,这样您就可以节省时间。

房地产投资也是和通货膨胀对冲的最佳手段之一。 投资房地产的开始, 就是先购买您的第一个住所。 我们称之为家的地方。之后, 才由这里延长出第二, 第三地产。


  • 地理位置
  • 经济稳定
  • 未来计划
  • 一个土地有限的小国
  • 透明的财产交易系统
  • 不征收资本利得税和财产继承税


新加坡位于世界上一个最佳的要地。 它连接东西两方作为从18世纪开始的贸易港口。 它也有着世界一流的国际机场和完善的海港设施,使它成为世界顶级的物流枢纽之一。


自1965年8月9日独立以来,新加坡已从发展中的第三世界国家, 成为今天第一世界的发展国。 前后不到40年。 我们必须赞扬新加坡政府辛苦维护的稳定的政治环境。 努力理解人民的需求,并制定出良好的发展计划。

为了让新加坡继续享有发展国的名誉, 其政府已经制定了未来四项重大计划。

  • 世界一流的运输/物流枢纽。
  • 世界一流的医学研究中心
  • 区域金融中心
  • 教育中心

为了支持所有这些发展,新加坡政府不仅为他的公民做好各项准备。 让他们掌握各个领域的知识,还以学习为最基本平台, 让他们学习最新的技术和专门知识。 新加坡政府也邀请这方面的专业人员加入。


以一个一百万人口的增长, 他们需要住房来安置这些人。 因此,即使您今天购买的价值比较高,当到了2030年,人口增加时,价格也不会“便宜“了。


新加坡是一个小国,土地面积792平方公里。 为了确保房地产价格稳定并逐渐升值,政府根据住房发展的需要控制和释放土地。






我记得有一位香港卖家,当他需要向新加坡税务局支付一笔钱时感到非常困惑。 因为他觉得数目不对。 开始他最终说。 “没关系,只需付款即可,因为如果新加坡税务局多收了任何收费,税务局都会如实退款”



另外, 新加坡也推行了, 额外购买者印花税(ABSD)。 主要是减少投机着对房价的直接影响。 从而确保新加坡人仍然负担得起住宅物业,并确保价格与经济基本面同步波动。



对于新加坡公民,您应该细心了解现有政策。对你, 你还是能够在公共住房还是私人住宅, 从中选一。

新加坡房价, 现在平均价位都过一百万新币。 可是, 你不需要花费大量资金即可购买价值100万新元的房地产。您只需在公积金普通账户中拥有现金五十万新元和二十三新元的现金,即可获得售价的前25%。


在这里利用杠杆作用,这笔余额由银行或金融机构负责。 如果这是您的第一笔抵押贷款(取决于TDSR),则您有资格获得房地产价格的75%。

其他数额, 我们就以房子抵押贷款, 来支付下来的余额。 以达到拥有权。
这里的关键是您正在利用房屋抵押贷款提供的大量杠杆优势。 房屋抵押贷款是您一生中最便宜的贷款之一。 此时,某些银行的利率低至1.7%。

您需要知道房屋抵押贷款的方式。 有很多方法可以降低房屋抵押贷款的成本(您可以随时以自己的优势重组贷款)。







房地产价格不时发生变化,只有当您购买该单位时,您才能锁定价格。千万不能等到, 你的口袋有足够现金再进场。 因为到了那个时候, 你一定觉得价位太高, 而过后后悔。


我的一位客户在向我商讨了, 如何帮助他增加房地产投资的财富后,决定购买High Park Residences。 一项新开发的私人公寓以进行投资。

他在发布当天以627,000新元的价格购买了一套两房​的公寓。 并在领取到临时居留许可证(T.O.P)后, 以76万新元的价格出售了。 在不到5年的时间里赚了13.3万新元。


售价的25% = 十五万六千七百 ( $156,700 )
印花税(3%– 5400)= 一万三千四百十 ( $13,410 )
总数是十七万一百十元 (( $170,110 )


他并没有就此停下来。 他刚刚将这笔款项重新投资到另一个新开发项目顺福轩。 位于汤申一代。 一个开发中的地段。 他在那里选择了一个三房的单元中。让我们再看看他在领到钥匙后, 卖出的利润是多少。

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如果你对新加坡投资有着远见以及兴趣。 欢迎你随时联络我。 我相信以我的专业常识以及十五年累计的经验。 能够帮助为你提出有建设性的计划。并且, 你能够通过房地产投资获得财富。

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Should I Sell My HDB After Upgrading To Condo?

Should I Sell My HDB While I Am Upgrade To Condo?

As time moves on, you have built your financials to be able to upgrade from your existing HDB. There are some questions that you would be asking yourself, such as; Should I upgrade? What should I upgrade to? Where would be a good location?

These questions can be answered easily as it is very much how you feel. You would be able to address those queries, as long as you are comfortable both with financially and with the location. However, the question that sits between the current and future financial is, should I sell my HDB after upgrading?

There are few things that you should take into consideration, before making that decision that I will be sharing with you.

How Much Interest Would I be Paying

As this is your first HDB Flat, you would have taken up a HDB loan. You will also have received a grant from CPF Housing grant. You are using your CPF to repay your loan.

Buying Selling upgrading from HDB to private condo.

Assuming that you bought a 4 Room HDB flat in Bukit Merah in 2010 at $500,000. You would have taken a loan of $350,000. As of today, you have serviced your $350,000 loan for 10 years. The interest rate you paid is at 2.6%. How much of your accrued interest has been paid?

Buying Selling upgrading from HDB to private condo.
Data obtain from

From the chart above, you have paid a Cumulative accrued interest of $82,363.75. If your flat is sold now at the current market value (Q1 2020) of $652,000, $432,363.75 would be credited back to your CPF, and your potential cash proceed would be $219,636.25.

Should you decide to hold your property. Your total accused interest paid would be $183,429.95 upon completion of the 35 year loan. In addition to your principle of $350,000. The total amount returning to CPF at the end of 35 years will be $533,429.95. About $100,000 more than what it is today.

To achieve the $219,636.25 of cash proceeds. Your flat needs to be sold at $753,000 25 years later at $753,000. However, this figure may not be possible at that time due to the following reasons stated below.

Tax Payable When Buying Your Condominium

As you have decided to rent your HDB instead of selling it. You would be required to pay Additional Buyer Stamps Duty (ABSD) on the condominium that you have purchased, and should you be a Singapore Citizen, you would be required to pay 12% of your Condominium purchase price.

Looking at a property that is a unit with 3 bedrooms at Queens Peak, which is going at $1,800,000, the ABSD of 12% would be a cash payout of $216,000. This amount would almost be equivalent to the cash proceeds from previously selling your 4 room flat.

Total Loan Amount

To be entitled to a loan for your newly purchased Condo, you would have to

Buying Selling upgrading from HDB to private condo.

Total Debt Service Ratio(TDSR)

The Total Debt Service Ratio is a framework by the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS), which aims to safeguard the borrower, whom in this case is the property owner, from over-borrowing.

This is computed based on the percentage of the monthly gross income of the purchaser, to ensure the ability of repayment

Loan To Value(LTV)

If your current HDB has a loan that is still running, you would be limited by the Loan To Value(LTV), hence, your total loan amount would be 45% of the total property value. In addition, you will be required to have cash on hand for 25% of the property value as down payment.

Should you decide to buy-up your current HDB Loan, it will be your second property, and hence your LTV would be capped at 75% of the property value, and the cash on hand required for down payment would be 5% of the property value.

Putting Your HDB For Rental

You would want to put your HDB flat to good use after having to hold back the selling of your flat. Majority of the people would put the unit out for rental, as with that, you would become a property investor, collecting rental as a form of passive income.

Sound good? Yes. But, have you missed out anything?

Answer is : YES!

Before you collect the key to your new condominium, you will be required to pay the ABSD in CASH within 14 Days after the agreement of the purchase has been signed.

Upon receiving the keys to your new Condominium. Before you are able to rent out your flat. You would have to refurnish the flat, ensuring that all necessities are in a working and presentable condition. Along with fulfilling the requests of the tenant for necessities such as beds, a television, and a washing machine, just to name a few. Depending on the condition of your flat. The amount required for refurnishing might cost you up to a few thousand dollars, even before the flat has been rented out.

Upon successful rental of your flat, the amount of rental collected would be taxable at the end of the year. This amount would be on top of your regular taxable income. In addition to the tax payable, you would be required to pay a property tax, which is 10% of the Annual value of your flat.

Should the flat be rented out at a rental value of $2500 with a lease of 2 years, the total rental collected would be $60,000. With your loan repayment for your HDB flat that is estimated at $15,000 per year, in addition to the tax payable and repair works required, your profit per lease term of 24 months, potentially comes to $25,000.

Pricing Of The Older HDB Flat

The value of property depreciates with time. A HDB flat with a value of $652,000 now, would not remain the same in 10 years.

With reference to a point above, you would be fetching a potential cash proceed of $219,636.25 should you decide to sell your property now. With reference to the supporting chart shown below, the average transaction price of a 4 room HDB flat in Bukit Merah is $687,000, with the price increasing from 2007 to 2013, before stagnating after Q2 of 2013. This is due to the age of the flat.

Buying Selling upgrading from HDB to private condo.
Data Obtained from

Therefore, wanting to make $219,636.25 after having fully paid your loan 25 years later could pose as a challenge, as the price that you would have to sell your flat at would be $753,066.20

Expected Cash proceed : 219,636.25,
Principle Load amount : 350,000
CPF accrued Interest : 183,429.95

Buying Selling upgrading from HDB to private condo.

The rental amount of $312,500 collected over 25 years, with the assumption that the rental fee remains at $2500 per month, was not taken into consideration, as it has been used to offset the amount paid for ABSD

Below Is A Case Study For Your Reference:

Mr and Mrs Lim contacted me sometime back. They had some thought of upgrading from the existing HDB to a Condominium near Sengkang.

From the meeting with them, Mr. Lim gave me the understanding that they were staying in a 5 room flat in Sengkang. The flat has passed the MOP and they are planning to upgrade to a Condominium.

Without drilling into much detail, my initial recommendation to them was, not to hold the HDB flat. The purchase of second property will require them to pay for ABSD. The ABSD amount is going to be of an impact to them. Mr. and Mrs. Lim have also shared, that was the concern they had and wanted a second opinion from a professional realtor.

Moving on, I have also shared with them, the accrued interest from the CPF, which they were not aware of. I have therefore, done the computation as followed for them.

Purchase Price of Flat : 488,888
Loan Amount : 380,000
Outstanding Loan: 336,000
CPF Accrued Interest : 56,000

Expected Selling Price : 540,000
Potential Cash proceed : 100,000

I have also shared that should they want to keep the HDB, the ABSD for the new property priced at $1,500,000, would be $180,000. The potential cash proceed would not be able to cover that should they not sell the HDB flat

With that, Mr and Mrs Lim has taken my recommendation. They have put the HDB on market for sales, at the same time looking for the new condo. I have also shared on the timeline required for both buying and selling. So that they are able to move into the new place and same time, without incurring additional costs


Having shared the various figured on the holding on to a HDB flat and buying a Condominium. My recommendation would be, for them to sell their current HDB flat once it has reached the MOP or when you decide to upgrade. Holding a second property with the first being a HDB comes with a higher additional payable tax. Furthermore, there is no capital gain tax upon selling your HDB.

However, with that said, there are still options available should you want to become a property investor. You can still invested in two properties, without incurring high payable tax can be overcome. This can be done, as long as the properties you owned do not involve a HDB.

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Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in the real estate since 2005. Together with him, he brought along a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with all his client

As the world is moving into digital, there are still some “human touch” that must not be missed. Now, let’s ring me at +65 90107188 if you have any queries relating to real estate. I do understand you might be busy. Tap onto the following to WhatsApp me and i will respond to you

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Why You Should Buy A HDB Resales As Your…

Why You Should Buy A HDB Resales As Your First Property?

Getting married is one of the major milestones in life. During that process, you have thousand and zillion things to worry and get ready about. Such as

  • Preparation of wedding lunch / dinner
  • Going for photo shoot
  • List of guest to be invited
  • Discussion with both parents on wedding detail
  • Where to go for honeymoon
  • Budget for all expenses
  • and more.. and more… and more…
Buying selling of HDB property

By the way, have you missed out on the most important thing? Where are you going to stay? What option you have? You have either HDB or EC to choose from.

Being a Singapore Citizen, be it both of you or either one. I will strongly recommend you to purchase an HDB flat for the start.

As we are all aware, HDB flats are public housing for all Singapore Citizens. These flats are generally more affordable. In addition, there are CPF housing grants made available for first-time purchasers, in turn making it more attractive.

What are the choices you have under the HDB flat of selection

  • Buying directly from HDB, a BTO (Build To Order) flat. which is NEW
  • Buying from the resales market which age of flat is minimum 5 years

Let’s compare between BTO and Resale

Age of flat

A BTO flat as it is new, the age of flat is very much an infant, whereby we have a long runway of the lease.

As for resale, you potentially be getting a flat that is older than 5 years old.


BTO, normally are in the newer estate. In those estates, the amenities and accessibility are not that well established. Not that they don’t have it, just is yet to be completed

I recalled my uncle moved into Tampines when it was newly developed, it has the bare minimum amenities, but look at what it is today!

As for resale, you can pick anywhere within Singapore. In fact, you decide where you want your flat to be. You can prioritize base on the following:-

  • Amenities
  • MRT
  • Mall
  • School
  • etc…

Investment to the property

For BTO flat, you are potentially looking at a lower gross purchase price as compare to resales.

One of the key reason is, HDB do take into account the different location and attributes when setting the selling price of the new flat.

As for resales, seller’s call for the price they want. But that does not mean, they will get it. The flat will still be going at the fair market value, as there is a valuation process involved during the whole purchase process.

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CPF Housing Grants

Since the above topic is about the gross price of both BTO and resales flat. Let share with you, what are the grant available with both the option.

To ensure affordability, CPF has come out with various grant for both the BTO and resale market

For BTO, you can apply for Enhanced Housing Grant, which amount to a maximum of S$ 80,000 depending on your household income

As for resale, in addition to the Enhanced Housing Grant, you will be eligible for Family Grant, Proximity Housing Grant. All amounting to a maximum of S$ 160,000 depending on your household income


For BTO, the location is kind of limited. It is mainly located in new estates. The new estate is normally not very well developed and accessibility is yet to be as convenient. These will be matured over time

From time to time, HDB does offer blocks of flat in a mature estate. To be able to get it through balloting, it is really like striking TOTO. As they are normally oversubscribed

As for resale flat, you can potentially get a unit in the location you wanted. There is a very high possibility that there will be someone selling their flat in almost all estates.

The choice location gives you the flexibility to stay near your parents. You will able to “tag” onto the convenience. For example, your newborn child can be well taken care of by your parents as grandparents are usually most happy to do so.

Timeline Required

Buying a BTO flat. The procedure is, wait for the release of news from HDB, go for balloting (which is many times. This is an iteration process, not knowing when you will get it). After which, pay and wait.

By the time you see your block of flat above ground, it is easily 2 to 3 years later. When you get the key to you flat. It is potentially 5 years if not longer from the day you have successfully ballot your unit.

As for the purchase of resale flat, even if you are very fussy over the flat that you wanted. I am quite sure you will be able to find something within a year. This made the plan must more predictable.


For BTO flats, it comes bear which you will need to put in air con, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe to make it a home.

As for resale, chances are quiet high that you can find something that require minimum renovation.

Therefore, the investment to the renovation for BTO potentially higher as the unit comes bear as compared to resale.

Size of flat

In many situations, the size of flat was being overlooked. This flat size may not be critical during the initial stay, but will turn out to be a limitation over time.

Flats in the resales market tends to be bigger than BTO flats. The difference in sizes of the same model of flat depends on the age of the flat. Example of 4 Room flat have the following sizes

Type of FlatSize of FlatLease Commencement
4A in Tampines107 sq meter1995
4A in Sengkang96 sq meter2010
4A in Sengkang92 sq meter 2015

Future market value

As I shared earlier, BTO are normally in the newer estate and to have an estate totally established over 5 years. This is impossible.

Once you flat reached 5 years, which is the MOP duration. You might be considering selling and upgrading. Your flat can be fetching a higher price than when you buy as the flat is relatively new. This is truth is you are comparing both flats within the same estate. Example, your flat is in Sengkang and you are comparing again those earlier flat in the same estate.

But, if you are buying from the resales market in the mature estate. the numbers can be very different. You might also be fetching a price higher than what you have purchased. In additional, those CPF grants that you have benefited.

More importantly, the interested buyer can be more. The same as, when you first started sourcing for your first flat. This give you a upper hand in selling your property in shorter time.

As in all marketing, any product that is over exposed in the market will directly / indirectly impact the value.

That means, the selling process can be much easier and you are able to have your flat upgraded and better control of your cash flow.


With the above sharing. you will understand, both BTO and resale have their respective Pros and Cons.

To show a simpler breakdown, the benefit of BTO will be

  • Age of Flat – Brand new
  • Lower investment of Property

As for resale flat, the number of benefits, be it tangible or intangible is much higher than what BTO is providing. Some of the key benefits are

  • Amenities
  • Location
  • Timeline
  • Size of flat
  • Future market value

In real estate, we have this saying, which is,

You can do what you want within the flat you own, but you can’t move the MRT to your doorstep. Neither you can move your flat to be on the side of a mall.

For many newly wed couple like yourself, the current HDB flat you are buying, may be temporary . In long run, you might be considering upgrading after staying for 5 years. What is your value of your HDB comes post MOP? What option I have after my MOP? How can I move forward after MOP?

Lewis Tee

Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has been in the real estate since 2005, with him joining, he has brought along with him, was a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with all his client

As the world is moving into digital, there are still some “human touch” that must not be missed. Now, let’s ring me at +65 90107188 if you have any queries relating to real estate. I do understand you might be busy. Tap onto the following to WhatsApp me and i will respond to you

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Should Your First Home Be HDB BTO

Should The First Home You Are Getting Be HDB BTO Flat

Congratulation, when you start to reach about this post, it tells that, you are about to make one of the bigger ticket investment – Property

Being a first-timer, wanting to own a property. you might have zillion question, such as what should we buy, where should we buy our HDB Flat, how much are we going to pay, how much loan we can take etc.. etc.. etc.. and more

Now, let me share with you, some of the broad options you have before you start to walk the ground.

Buying from HDB directly, the Build To Order (BTO) option

Consideration when getting a BTO Flat

Buying BTO flat direction from HDB, is normally the first consideration for any Singaporeans. This is a sign telling you that, you are finally ready to move into the next stage of life. Building a family.

But, how we kick start and what are the processes involved? Let me share with you, the step-by-step guide, from application to owning the flat.

Checking your Eligibility

For the purchase of BTO directly from HDB, following are the various HDB eligibility schemes available

  • Public
  • Fiancé/Fiancée
  • Orphans
  • Single Singapore Citizen
  • Joint
  • Non-Citizen Spouse

From the list above, most of the applications are in the Fiancé/Fiancée schemes. I will share more of this scheme. Should you require understanding on the rest of schemes, please scroll to the bottom and contact me for detail description

For the purchase under the Fiancé/Fiancée scheme. you are required to form a family nucleus.

Family nucleus can be broadly defined as two persons that are related have the intention to stay in the same household. The relationship is husband and wife.

To support the proof of relationship, the certification of marriage is required to be submitted to HDB. This submission can be done during the key collection appointment.

In the event, the marriage certificate is not obtained on time, it can be submitted within 3 months, from the collection of keys. The submission can be done through HDB branch

Getting of Home Loan Eligibility (HLE)

If you are planning to obtain concessionary loan from HDB, HLE Letter will be required. The HLE will also indicate what is the total loan amount being allocated. These total loan amount entitled allow the applicant to know what is the purchase prices of the flat applicant


As shared earlier, all applications to HDB required to fulfill the eligibility requirement.  Due to the high volume of applications.  Every balloting exercise for BTO flat from HDB is being computerized. 

BTO HDB Resales

The initial process from HDB will mainly be the verification of the applicant.  Verification includes the eligibility of application, any priority schemes and also any information or documentation gaps.

After all necessary verification, the next stage of shortlisting, which will require a wide range of considerations.  These considerations include household status, flat type, any priority schemes.  After all the above consideration, the applicant’s queue position will then determine.

Ballot Matrix

Over the years, there are more and more priority schemes being incorporated.  These priority schemes help to meet the needs of different groups of applicants.

The system was being finetuned progressively to allocate different quotas for different priority schemes.  The process will also take into consideration applicants who fits more than one priority schemes

Audits and Checks

To ensure fairness during the BTO process.  stringent checks are carried out on applicants’ eligibility, computerized process and cross-checking of ballot result before releasing to applicants


After going through the whole process, the applicants will be informed of the final results of the balloting. Informing of this result is through SMS, email or hardcopy letters.

Selecting your flat

The queue number obtained during the application process, determine your priority in choosing your unit.  As a form of contingency, the total queue allocated might potentially exceed the total number of units available for selection.

Buying HDB flat

If your queue number is over the number of allocated units, there are chances that you won’t be able to get any units during this balloting cycles.  You will, therefore, have to ballot again during the next cycle.

After you have selected your unit with HDB, the whole purchase process started by paying an option fee.  The amount of option fee payable depends on the flat you are purchasing.  For 3-room flats, the option fee is $1,000 and the option fee for 4-room flat and above is $2,000.  This option fee will be part of your down payment.

Any entitled CPF housing grants will also be applied during this time.  To ease the application of grant I will recommend you download the grant application forms and bring along during your booking appointment.

Sign the lease agreement and pay the downpayment

All lease agreement has to be signed within four months from the booking of flat.  Please ensure, all your loan application is approved by that time.

On the day of signing the lease agreement.  Additional payment, such as down payment, stamp duties, and legal fees is payable.

Downpayment amount will be 10% of the agreed price of the flat when you are taking HDB loan and this amount can be paid using cash and/or CPF.

Collection of keys

Confirm your appointment date

Once the flat is built and it is ready to stay-in.  HDB will informed you when to collect your key.  To ensure, you can check back on the date.  This information is being updated in the HDB portal.  You can login to HDB Site, navigate through My Flat > Application Status > New Flat > Reg.No.

Applying for fire insurance

All flat owner, taking HDB loan is required to purchase Fire insurance for the flat.  The current appointed insurer for the HDB Fire insurance is FWD Singapore Pte Ltd.  The insurance can be purchase via online

Applying for Utility Account

This application is not critical, but if you are a busy working adult, you might want to do it on the same day. Alternatively, you can also apply online.

As Singapore has open fair competition for utility provider, you can go online to source for the best rate available, that is to your benefit. some of the provider such as:-

  • Best Electricity Supply Pte Ltd
  • Diamond Energy Merchants Pte Ltd
  • Geneco (by Seraya Energy Pte Ltd)
  • iSwitch Pte Ltd
  • Keppel Electric Pte Ltd
  • Ohm Energy Pte Ltd
  • PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd
  • Sembcorp Power Pte Ltd
  • Senoko Energy Supply Pte Ltd
  • Sunseap Energy Pte Ltd 
  • Tuas Power Supply Pte Ltd
  • Union Power Pte Ltd 

Prove of fire insurance

The certificate of fire insurance will be required. Without that, the collection of key will not be successful. All required document are to be printed. Before your key collection appointment..

After understanding the process of applying for BTO. The next key question will be, “wah.. so much work needs to be done”. Why should I go through those processes?


Although buying of BTO flat is a lengthy process. but they do have benefits in buying BTO Flat.

Some key benefits for you to think through.

  • Newly build flat
  • From HDB, which is the fair market price
  • Lesser worries and time, where sourcing is not from the list of selection provided by HDB
  • Defects Liability Period  (DLP) of 1 year is available

The flip side of buying BTO will be

  • Limited location for BTO (BTO is base on availability, you might not able to have the expected location)
  • CPF Housing grant is made available if you decide to buy a resales HDB flat, that is near your parent
  • You can potentially get a slightly bigger unit if you are buying an older HDB flat
  • Amenities and accessibility are more established.
  • Able to renovate to you own liking

Read the following before you make your decision

Buying from Resale Market

Lewis of Orange Tee and Tie
Ring me at +65 90107188

Lewis became part of the family of Orange Tee and Tie in 2020. He has brought along with him a long history of experience in both HDB and Private property.

His personal belief is, to share the truth and facts with everyone. With that, he has good credibility with all his client

Now, let’s ring me at +65 90107188 if you have any queries relating to real estate. I do understand you might be busy. As SMS and/or WhatsApp will be easier and I will respond to you.

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6 Steps in Buying HDB Flat

6 Steps Guide to Buying HDB Property


HDB Resales price
Indicative Price Chat since the year 2000

While you are very keen on getting a property of your own, it is very important for you to know, how much are you willing to pay for your new home. 

This is recommended to be done before sourcing starts. Some of the key payment milestones to consider will be

Deposit to Seller

In purchasing of HDB, some of the payment required during the initial stage will be

Deposit / Option Fee, this normally amounting to not more than SGD 5000.  This amount, paying directly to the owner of the property will be used as part of the sales price.  The amount that will have to be paid in CASH.

Why the deposit/option fee is SGD5,000. Can i pay more or less? The answer to that is,
Nope, you can’t pay more. this is stated in the option document, that the maximum amount for deposit is SGD 5,000. It is also a safeguard, so that, no fake seller trying to run away with large cash amount.
Yes, you can pay lesser, but that is subjected to the agreement of the seller also. Generally, the deposit paid, as it will be part of the purchase price, has no implication to buyer. But, from the seller mindset, it makes a different. The amount seller received, means he / she will stop marketing the flat and waiting for you to exercise the option.

Legal and Stamp Fee

Non sales-related amounts payable consists of stamp duty, legal fees, and other administrative charges. This amount can be paid using your CPF OA account.  Your lawyer or the HDB will assist you in arranging such payment.

Should you required to understand more on the stamp fee. This link to the information will be of great help to you,

Small payment

In addition, there are some payments that is payable, but not directly relating to the agreed price of the purchases.  These are submission fees, valuation fees, etc, which cost less than S$ 1,000 respectively. 

Agent services fee

Lastly, there will be a final payment, after completion of the transaction, is the Agent services fee.  This fee is agreed upon by both parties during the sourcing stage of the property.

This agreed amount does not include the GST element, as GST is a goods and Services Tax that is not received my the salesperson non the agency.

Above are the general guideline and is not limited to only the above items.

What are the housing grants available?

Buying your HDB, what are the grant available

f you are the first-timer applying for HDB Flat, which means, you have never owned an HDB flat ever before, are may be eligible for the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG).

Of course, there are requirements to fulfill the grant

Household Income Ceiling The average monthly household income over 12 months must not exceed $9,000 before the application of the flat.
Employment Both you and / or your spouse must be working continuously for 12 months before the application of the flat. Either of you must still be working at the time you submitted the flat application
left over Lease of the Flat The flat you are looking to purchase, must have at least 20 years or more left. The flat must have enough lease to cover the youngest buyer of the application up to the age of 95. Should this is not fulfilled, the EHG will be pro-rated.
Ownership/ Interest in Property              Both the applicant must not be holding/owning any other properties. Properties include both local and oversea or you have not any disposal of any such mentioned properties in the last 30 months before the new flat application. Other properties include privatized HUDC flats and EC, shop houses etc… 
Total Grant AmountThe grant amount can go as high as S$ 80,000 depending on the total household income

Size / Type of Flat

Generally, in the open market, there are the following types of HDB Flat available.  Depending on your needs and wants, consider something that makes your stay comfortable.

3-room flat – more for a compact living space that caters well to living needs.

Flat features

  • About 60 meters square
  • 2 bedrooms, of which 1 with attached bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living/ dining area
  • Common bathroom
  • Service yard

 4-room flat – is a great place for young couples or young parents. These flats come in a variety of layouts.

Flat features

  • About 90 square meters
  • 3 bedrooms, of which 1 with attached bathroom
  • Living/ dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Common bathroom
  • Service yard
  • Storeroom-cum-apartment shelter

5-room flat – It provided great for larger households of 4 to 5 members, with room enough for extended family.

Flat features

  • About 110 square meters
  • 3 bedrooms, of which 1 with attached bathroom
  • Living/ dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Common bathroom
  • Service yard
  • Storeroom-cum-apartment shelter

Executive flat – good space for families that like to have delegated space. It features an additionals space for a study room that can be easily converted into a cozy living room or TV nook. Some Executive flats also have a balcony space for added alfresco enjoyment.

Flat features

  • About 130 square meters
  • 3 bedrooms available, of which 1 with attached bathroom
  • Living area
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Common bathroom
  • Storeroom-cum-apartment shelter

Not limited to the above, there are also bigger units such as Jumbo flat and smaller units such as 1- and 2-bedroom units. 


Many times, when you wanted a brand new flat, you will turn to HDB for BTO (Build To Order).  But, you realized, BTO is kind of limited in location.  You may not get near your parent, no near MRT (maybe 10 years after you have stayed in, but immediate may not etc…)

Accessibility is key before buying your property

When you start to look at resales, you realized there is plenty of options available.  Those shortfalls in BTO are overcome.

Before you got too happy over the available option you have, bear in mind, there is a price to pay for those “convenience” . For example, while a $500,000 budget would get you a comfortable 4- or 5-room flat in a suburban estate like Woodlands.  You might be paying as high as $900,000 for the same, sometimes smaller unit


Although the delivery services have made us more convenient to live further.  But it will still be nice to have eatery or supermarket and ATM nearby.

Other than the basic amenities, you might also like to have something that closes to your lifestyle such as stadium, swimming pool.  Other than, dragging yourself to the fitness center for a workout.

Other than getting close to what you want, transportation is also another key consideration.  That will be the distance to MRT / Bus Interchanges. 

I have a client, which felt some 20 mins walk to MRT is fine, as it is quieter, and the price is lower.  Never he realized, after 6 months, he felt walking to MRT can be a tiring task and he now and public buses will loop him around before reaching the station.  The situation got worst during raining days

After years of staying and you have upgraded to a private apartment.  You may not want to sell your current HDB, but to put if for rental.  The amenities, such as MRT, schools, hawker centers, supermarkets, shopping mall can be for your target demographic. This means identifying beforehand what the tenants likely wanted.  For example, single expatriates or students will need access to MRT as compare to those with the family that is more likely to drive.  This will work out better for them and increase your rentability.


There will be renovation work required, in many if not most of the buyer, after buying the flat.  The amount of renovation effort depends on the condition of the flat you purchased.

Selling your property with newly renovated seller.

Even so, that you decided to purchase and stay on as it is, do take note, the flat is sold base on caveat emptor.  This means it is the buyer’s responsibility to check and ensure the quality and suitability of the flat.  Any defect after the handover is fully the buyer’s responsibility.  

With the above consideration, the scale of renovation work required will directly impact the investment.  This cost can be from tenths of thousand to over hundred thousand. 

There are loans available for the purpose of renovation, but that repayment is via cash and it should be taken into consideration before committing the purchase.

I had a client, which bought a relatively well done up unit, but they have decided to redo the electrical cabling and water piping work.  Never he realized, the work affecting the wall and more work needs to be done at the end and cost has gone up by an additional 30% from what he has budgeted for.

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Buying Selling Renting HDB Property

4 Questions To Ask Before Upgrading Your HDB

4 Questions To Ask Before Upgrading Your HDB

You have been staying in your newly HDB for years and it has reached the MOP. Your friend around you will now tell you, sell your current HDB and upgrade to a private condo.

Comment from friends might very much into a direction, private condo, your value better if you want to sell in the future. All facility is just downstairs, you have full ownership and more

After talking to many people around you, all will be giving, somehow kind of similar feedback and you decided to upgrade. Now, what are the magic question you will ask, yourself, or the realtor before you make that moves?


The answer to that is NO if you are a Singapore Citizens. you do not have to sell your current HDB flat before you can buy a condo in Singapore. Although you are given the option to own more than 1 properties, after buying the private condo. there is a financial impact which you will like to consider.

Upgrading Your HDB

To own a second property in Singapore, there is an Additional Buyer Stamps Duty (ABSD) to be payable. Depending on the number of properties the HDB owner owns, the percentage of ABSD varies from 12% to 15% depending on the number of properties the owner owns


Depending on your financial situation and also, your risk appetite, you might consider selling the HDB and upgrade to the private condo.

Once you have made that decision, the computation of HOW MUCH goes into your pocket I make upon selling my HDB, and can I afford to buy private Condo?

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You realized, SingPass is very important now. Why, first, you will need to know, how much outstanding loan you have, if you are taking HDB loan. if you are taking a bank loan, you will need to check with the bank providing you the loan.

How do I check my outstanding loan, if I am taking an HDB loan? you will have to log in to the HDB web portal, i.e., After successful login, go to My HDBPage and obtain the outstanding amount indicated.

After knowing how much outstanding, you will now, find out how much you need to return to CPF, which you are using it to service your earlier loan. in the event you are using CASH to services you loan, this will not be required.

To obtain the total CPF amount used, including accrued interest. Log in to the CPF web site using your SingPass. Upon successful login, go to “My Statement”. Select “My Public or Private Housing Withdrawal Details”, which will provide you detail on the amount payable after selling your property

After summing the above 2 figures, you have computed the biggest ticket amount. with that, you can, therefore, make a quick decision, will your HDB, selling at the current market situation . will it be profitable for you. In a simple team, do you get back any money?

What are the taxes payable upon buying

In a purchase of Property, there are various tax payable. Inboard category, there are the following tax payable

Buyer Stamps Duty

Buyer stamp duty is tax duty payable, regardless of the number of the property you have prior to the purchase of the property. This payment is required once you have executed the sales and purchase agreement

If the benefit is stated in the document to be stamped and is a cash discount (i.e. cash, non-post dated cashier’s order or cheque) to be given to the purchaser upon execution of the document (and not later).

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BSD Computation

To know what is the total amount that is a consideration for stamp duty. The total discounted amount may be deducted from the purchase price.  The final agreed price will still reflective of the current value.

If the document to be stamped stated a non-cash benefit to be given (e.g. furniture voucher, rental guarantee, car, or lucky draw), the value of the benefit is not deductible from the purchase price for stamp duty purpose.  

If the cash or non- cash benefit is not stated in the document to be stamped, the value of the benefit is also not deductible from the purchase price for stamp duty purposes.

Additional Buyer Stamp Duty

The ABSD liability will depend on the profile of the buyer as at the date of purchase or acquisition of the residential property:
A.  Is The buyer is an entity or an individual
B.  The Buyer’s residency status
C.  The numbers of residential properties owned by the buyer(s)


An entity means a person who is not an individual. It includes the following:

  • An unincorporated association
  • A trustee for a collective investment scheme when acting in that capacity
  • A trustee-manager for a business trust when acting in that capacity
  • The partners of the partnership whether or not any of them is an individual, where the property conveyed, transferred or assigned is to be held as partnership property

If a property is jointly purchased by buyers of different profiles, the profile with the highest ABSD rate will apply to the entire value purchased.

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The applicable ABSD rate is based on the nationality of the buyer on the date of purchase. You must have been granted the residency status by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) as at the date of purchase in order to enjoy lower ABSD liability. The date of the issue reflected in the IC collection slip would be taken as when the residency status was granted.


If a Contract or an Agreement to purchase the property has been signed, that property is to be included in the count of properties owned by a buyer from the date of acceptance of the agreement, even if it has not been legally transferred to him as he already has an equitable interest in the property.

This also includes the purchase of an uncompleted unit from the developer if the Sale & Purchase Agreement has been signed.

Similarly, the property is to be excluded from the count of properties owned by a buyer. If there is already a Contract or an Agreement to sell his property and the new buyer has executed his option to buy the property.

Should I use the same realtor for buying and selling

There is technically no right or wrong answer to use the same realtor in both your buying and selling of properties. In fact, there will be more benefits in using a single agent for both your buying and selling of your property.


The same realtor will be able to coordinate the timing of both buying and selling, that minimize running into the risk of “homeless” or “overpay”. This risk might potentially happen when using 2 realtors.


Other than time-saving, as share earlier. the cost-impact will come in when the handing over of your sales units is earlier than your collection of the property bought.

This potentially leads to, an arrangement of short team stay is required, be-it, hotel stay, short term rental, etc…


Dual representation in the context of real estate is, the same realtor is representing you, and the other customer on the SAME property.

In the case of representing the SAME customer on a different property, it will not be classified as due representation, rather trust in a seamless transaction of both buying and selling.

Is that what I need to know?

Sadly, there are more information and procedure required in both the buying and selling of your flat. By reading will give you many theory concepts, but when it comes to actual execution. There are always surprises that rises

To ensure a smooth and seamless transaction. Most importantly, a stress-free buyer and seller. Let the professional do the job.

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